Ongoing Research Project Principal Investigator Fund Source
Organizing Opposition and Regime Support on Social Media: Evidence from the Hong Kong 2014 Protest Dr. Kwan Nok CHAN 陳君諾 Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research
Governing Cross-boundary Cooperation in South China: Politics, Policy and Intergovernmental Relations Dr. Peter T. Y. CHEUNG 張贊賢 Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research
Post-Modern Warfare and the Ethics of a “Fair Fight” Dr. Yvonne CHIU 邱于芳 RGC General Research Fund
Global South Leadership and Great Power Legitimacy: India in the UN Peacekeeping Regime Dr. Courtney FUNG 馮康雲 Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research
Rethinking the Role of Regional Organisations for China's Stance on UN Intervention Dr. Courtney FUNG 馮康雲 RGC Early Career Scheme
Enhancing Hong Kong's Future as a Leading International Financial Centre Professor Richard W. X. HU 胡偉星 Theme-based Research Scheme
Explaining the role of ownership in building capacity: evidences from foreign aid in the energy sector Dr. Jung Eun KIM 金廷恩 Early Career Scheme
Private investment building renewable energy infrastructure in developing countries Dr. Jung Eun KIM 金廷恩 Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research
Social Movement Dynamics in Hong Kong: The Case of a Hybrid Regime Professor Eliza W. Y. LEE李詠怡 Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research
China, Japan, and the Dynamics of De-escalation: Understanding and Managing the Political Costs of Backing Down Dr. Kai QUEK 郭全鎧 Early Career Scheme
How to Deescalate: How China Retreats in International Crises Dr. Kai QUEK 郭全鎧 Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research
Just War Theory and the Ethics of Violence: Foundations and Applications Dr. Uwe STEINHOFF 石樂凡 RGC General Research Fund
A Survey Experiment on Discontent Among the Youth: Welfare or Politics? Dr. Mathew WONG 黃以恆 PPR Funding Scheme
Comparative Politics of Hybrid Regimes: Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore Dr. Mathew WONG 黃以恆 Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research
Internationalization of Hong Kong-Based Politics Courses Dr. Mathew WONG 黃以恆 Teaching Development Grant
Cultural Security as an Authoritarian Legitimation Strategy: A Comparative Study of China and Saudi Arabia Dr. YAN Xiaojun 閻小駿 Strategic Research Theme
Housing Welfare under Authoritarianism: The Low Rent Housing Program in the Municipality of Chongqing Dr. YAN Xiaojun 閻小駿 Small Project Funding
The Implementation of “One Country Two Systems” in Hong Kong Dr. YAN Xiaojun 閻小駿 Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme
Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance: A Study of China’s Food Safety Regulation Dr. Wai-Hang YEE 余偉鏗 Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research
Authoritarianism in a Quasi-Competitive Information Context: Internet Access to (Anti)Corruption News and Political Trust in China Dr. ZHU Jiangnan 朱江南 RGC General Research Fund
Research-Informed Teaching: Exploring a Pedagogical Innovation in Contemporary China Studies Dr. ZHU Jiangnan 朱江南 Teaching Development Grant
updated on 3 February 2017