Dr. Lin PENG

Honorary Lecturer: Dr. Peng is currently based in Guangzhou and working at a quasi-governmental think tank. He has been teaching Environmental Politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2012. He obtained a Ph. D. in comparative politics at CUHK. His research and teaching interests focus on civic engagement in China, with particular expertise in citizen activism in the fields of disaster management and environmental protection.

Selected Publications

  • Lin Peng, Yuan Xu, Hua Zhong, Tai Wei Lim, Fengshi Wu “Explaining Chronic Non-compliance of Polluting Firms in Guangzhou.” The China Policy Journal. Forthcoming.
  • Lin Peng and Fengshi Wu (2018). “Building Up Alliances and Breaking Down State Monopoly: The Rise of Non-Governmental Disaster Relief in China.” The China Quarterly. Vol. 234, pp. 463-485.
  • Lin Peng (2017). “Crisis Crowdsourcing and China’s Civic Participation in Disaster Response: Evidence from Earthquake Relief.” No. 31, Vol. 3, China Information, pp. 327-348.
  • Lin Peng (2014). “NGOs, Mobilization Networks, and Development of Civil Disaster Relief.” China Third Sector Research, (2). (In Chinese)