Dr. Chang SUN 孫昶

Personal Website:

Dr. Chang SUN obtained his bachelor degree from Tsinghua University, and a Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University. He joined the School of Business and the Department of Politics and Public Administration in August, 2017. His research concerns the impact of globalization, especially the patterns and consequences of multinational production. He is also interested in the effects of political uncertainty on economic activities.

Work in progress:

  • "Factor-biased Multinational Production"
  • "Policy Uncertainty and FDI: Evidence from the China-Japan Island Dispute" (with Cheng Chen, Tatsuro Senga and Hongyong Zhang)
  • "Demand Uncertainty and Dynamics of Multinational Firms" (with Cheng Chen, Tatsuro Senga and Hongyong Zhang)
  • "Incomplete Contracts and the Number of Suppliers"