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A Wary Embrace of Democracy: Workshop on Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Times by Joseph Chan

Joseph Chan's bold new book brings the spirit of Confucian ideals to contemporary problems of governance, decoupling liberal democratic institutions from their popular philosophical foundations and regrounding them in Confucian principles. This symposium addresses the strengths and costs of this integration, by exploring the concept of Confucian perfectionism, the importance of individual moral progress for political philosophy, the question of human rights, the role of the family and right to education, the notion of the person and character development of citizens and political leaders, and the role of personal autonomy.

The Introduction chapter of the book can be accessed here:

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900-915 Welcome & Introduction
915-1015 Session 1: Jiwei CI — Confucian Perfectionism as Confucian Liberal Democracy
1015-1115 Session 2: Sungmoon KIM — The Service Conception of Political Right and Democracy: A Critique
1115-1130 Break
1130-1230 Session 3: Stephen ANGLE — Can Confucians Justify Limited Government?
1230-1345 Lunch (by invitation)
1345-1445 Session 4: David WONG — Institutional Structures and Idealism of Character
1445-1545 Session 5: Roger AMES — Joseph Chan: On How to Construct a Confucian Democracy for Modern Times
1545-1600 Break
1600-1700 Session 6: LI Chenyang — Education as a Confucian Human Right
1700-1800 Session 7: Yvonne CHIU — Democracy without Autonomy: Moral and Political
1800-1815 Conclusion


Roger AMES - University of Hawai'i
Stephen ANGLE - Wesleyan University
Joseph CHAN - The University of Hong Kong
Yvonne CHIU - The University of Hong Kong
CI Jiwei - The University of Hong Kong
Sungmoon KIM - City University of Hong Kong
LI Chenyang - Nanyang Technological University
David WONG - Duke University
Date: 15 May, 2015 Friday
Time: 9.00 - 18.15
Venue: Academic Conference Room, Faculty of Arts, Room 436, 4/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
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