Dr. Kwan Nok CHAN 陳君諾

Assistant Professor: Chan’s primary research concerns how actors in democratic and authoritarian systems approach policy problems differently. His works draw on institutional analysis, theories of authoritarianism, and policy process theory.

He holds a PhD Degree in Public Policy from Indiana University, Bloomington.

  • Phone: 3917 7862
  • Office: C951

Peer-reviewed publications

  • "Punctuated Equilibrium and the Information Disadvantage of Authoritarianism: Evidence from the People’s Republic of China." with Shuang Zhao. Policy Studies Journal. Forthcoming.
  • "Policy Advocacy in Transitioning Regimes: Comparative Lessons from the Case of Harbour Protection in Hong Kong," with Wai-fung Lam. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice. Forthcoming.
  • "How Authoritarianism Intensifies Punctuated Equilibrium: The Dynamics of Policy Attention in Hong Kong," with Wai-fung Lam. Governance, 28: 549–570. 2015.