Programme Aims and Objectives

The DPA degree is an academically rigorous, applied-research postgraduate degree in the field of public administration that confers the title of “Doctor” to candidates who successfully complete the programme.

It is designed to extend the graduates' understanding of current critical issues in governance, policy and public administration, and to provide the conceptual knowledge and capacity to enable them to develop their research and analytical skills through the completion of a core curriculum culminating in an original thesis.

Through the integration of scholarly and professional knowledge, candidates will be well-placed to meet those challenges arising from the rapidly changing global environment to achieve more effective public leadership.

Unique Features of DPA

  • The only professional doctorate in Public Administration in Greater China
  • Advanced curriculum combining academic rigor with a professional orientation
  • Excellent teaching team with internationally renowned scholars and extraordinary practitioners
  • Diverse student body with experience from the public, business, nonprofit, and social sectors
  • "Intensive semester" mode with maximum flexibility in learning schedule

Study at Chinese Academy of Governance

Study at Chinese Academy of Governance ( April 8-15, 2015)

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