Programme Structure

Programme Design

Our DPA has been carefully designed to accommodate the working professional with candidates expected to complete the programme on a part-time basis within four to six years. A typical cohort size is small, targeting up to 18 students.

The programme will be administered across two stages. In the first two years, candidates focus on coursework and must take and pass 9 courses including a research ethics course for graduate students offered by the Graduate School. In the following years, candidates will conduct research and produce a dissertation in an area of professional public administration practice under the guidance of members of our faculty. The dissertation should be an original contribution to the application of knowledge on the understanding of practical problems and issues in public governance and contain material worthy of publication.

The Intensive Semester Mode

An academic year consists of two semesters, with courses offered in an intensive semester format over both semesters.

DPA students will take two courses per semester with each intensive semester divided into the following components:

  1. a directed preparatory reading period in which students familiarize themselves with the literature (about 4 weeks), and
  2. two days of class time per course scheduled around 3 weekends (a total of 6 days or 36 hours per course). The intensive mode allows students to interact and engage in in-depth discussion.

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