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Shirley LIN (林夏如) won the Postgraduate Scholarships of The Hong Kong Association of University Women (HKAUW)

Posted On: 2006-12-06

Congratulations to Ms Shirley LIN, our full-time PhD student, for winning the Postgraduate Scholarships offered by the HKAUM. Shirley is one of the six recipients in 2006. The awardees are all engaged in high quality research project of significant contribution to mankind and society. They also have personal aspiration and demonstrate potential to make important achievement.

Shirley worked at the Hong Kong Goldman Sachs from 1993-2003. She was the youngest Chinese women Partner in the Company’s history and she has made a lot of achievement to the Company and the community. Shirley decided to return to campus in 2003 and she joined our Master of International and Public Affairs programme. In 2005, Shirley graduated with Distinction and was admitted to our PhD programme. Her current research focus is on the spillover effect of business integration across the Taiwan Straits.