Ongoing Research Project Principal Investigator Fund Source
Forging collective action in information commons: how user groups on Wikipedia and Baidu Baike govern themselves Dr. Kwan Nok CHAN 陳君諾 RGC General Research Fund
Do Unto Others? The attitudes of major power publics towards foreign electoral interventions by their own governments Dr. Dov H. LEVIN 杜拉文 RGC General Research Fund
War apologies in the shadow of Chinese nationalism Dr. Kai QUEK 郭全鎧 RGC General Research Fund
Demonstration, Integration, and Influence: China’s Approach to Global Development since 1949 Dr. Austin STRANGE 郝思誠 Early Career Scheme
On the Fringes of Megacities: Young Graduate Migrants’ Consciousness and Inequality in China Dr. YAN Xiaojun 閻小駿 Seed Fund for Basic Research
The Political Logic of Anticorruption in China: Goal Competition Conflicts and Compromise Dr. ZHU Jiangnan 朱江南 RGC General Research Fund
updated on 19 January 2023