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The Department of Politics and Public Administration expects that all students work will conform to the highest standards of academic integrity. Student’s work will be scrutinized for academic misconduct, which includes plagiarism of other’s words and/or ideas, falsification, fabrication, and misuse of data.

Student’s submitted work will be scrutinized for plagiarism through use of Turnitin (https://lib.hku.hk/turnitin.html; www.turnitin.com). In the event a student submits work that appears to be plagiarized—whether essays, presentations, or other course material—they will be asked to explain themselves to the lecturer. The Department does not tolerate plagiarism, whether direct, indirect, or self plagiarism. Direct plagiarism is intentionally and completely lifting the words, equations, charts, graphs or artistic material of another author or authors. Indirect plagiarism is failing to cite completely or accurately, and/or copying themes, ideas, or sources the student has not read from another author or authors. Self plagiarism is recycling papers, documents, equations, and so forth from a document previously submitted by the student without quotation, citation, or attribution of the previous work. Acts of plagiarism could result in heavy penalties, including disciplinary action. For more information about the policy on plagiarism at HKU, please visit: http://www.hku.hk/plagiarism.