Research Postgraduate Students

PhD candidates

Name Research field / topic Email
ASSAVANADDA Attawat 馬臣義 International Relations
FENG Naikang 馮乃康 Public Policy, Environmental Politics and Economics, Development Studies
LI Ho Fai, Anthony 李浩暉 Sustainable Development and Sub-National Governance of Climate Change with Transnational Network
LI La, Larry 李 拉 Comparative Politics
Liao Li 廖 力 Comparative Politics
LIU Siyang 劉偲揚 Political Science
LO Ting Kwong, Steve 盧霆光 Comparative Politics and Public Policy
MA Qichang 馬琪昌 Comparative Politics
MA Rongzhen 馬榮真 Civil Society and Governance
MIROUX Raphael Social Movements
WANG Mengqiao, Felix 王夢橋 Chinese Politics
WANG Yiqiang 王羿強 Comparative Politics; Political Methodology
XIAO Jiasheng 肖嘉升 Comparative Politics, Information Order of Authoritarianism, Crisis Politics in China
XIE Mengqi 謝夢琪 Transparency Policy and Information Environment in China
XU Lin 徐 麟 Public Administration
ZHANG Zhenyu 張鎮宇 Comparative Politics; Public Administration and Public Policy; International Relations

MPhil candidates

Name Research field / topic Email
CHAN Sai Hey Samuel 陳世熙 International Relations
YUAN Minjun 袁旻君 Comparative Politics
ZHU Yunchen 朱云辰 Digital Governance