Research Postgraduate Students

PhD candidates

NameResearch field / topicEmail
AL-SUDAIRI Mohammed Turki A   Comparative Politics
ANGIOLILLO Fabio   Politics of China
CUI Can 崔 璨 Environment Policy
FUNG Wai King, Winston 馮為敬 International Relations - Chinese Foreign Policy 
HAN Xiao 韓 蕭 International Relations
HEMSLEY Elizabeth   Political Theory 
HTET Zaw   Public Administration 
KANG Siqin 康思勤 Political Science, Political Economy
KWONG Ying Ho 鄺英豪 Comparative politics, Hong Kong and Macao politics
LI Ho Fai, Anthony 李浩暉 Sustainable Development and Sub-National Governance of Climate Change with Transnational Network
LIM Kirk 林駿傑 Hong Kong Politics
MA Rongzhen 馬榮真 Civil Society and Governance
MAO Yexin 毛葉昕 Politics and Public Administration
MUKHIN Nikolai Politics
NEO Qi Zhi, Ric 梁啟智 Terrorism and Minority Studies
SADLER Michael Paul Interstate Signalling and East Asian Security
SONG Young, Annie 宋 英 International Political Economy
WANG Mengqiao, Felix 王夢橋 Chinese Politics
WU Jie 吳 洁 Health Politics and NGO
XIANG Chen 向 晨 Energy Policy
XIONG Cai 熊 彩 Chinese Politics, Birth Control Policy
YUEN Wing Han, Vera 阮穎嫻 Social Movement, Democratic Movement, Youth Activism, Identity Politics 

MPhil candidates

NameResearch field / topicEmail
CHOI Wai Tak, Douglas 蔡偉德 Ethics of Immigration, Citizenship and Culture (Political Theory)
KWOK Yiu Chung 郭耀聰 Politics and Public Administration
LI La, Larry 李拉 Comparative Politics
SHANG Zheng 尚 正 Political Theory
TONG Kin Long 唐健朗 Hong Kong Politics, Civil Society Organizations
WANG Bin, Oscar 王彬 The Governance of Common-pool Resources (Irrigation), Water Governance, Chinese Government
WOODS Andrew Nicholas International Relations
ZHAO Lingbo 趙凌波 International regimes, Internatonal relations and foreign policies