Research Postgraduates

Recent successfully completed and orally defended theses:

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)
BAI Yunpeng 白雲鵬 Authoritarian Cue Effect of State Repression
Myat Aung Kaung Burmese Nationalism Under the Military Junta: Elite Manipulation and Grassroots Contention
NI Jiaqian 倪佳倩 Behavior, Identity, and Incongruency: When and How Are Political Attitudes Moved?
CHOI Wai Tak, Douglas 蔡偉德 Justifying Exclusion: Freedom of Association, Territorial Rights, and the State’s Right to Exclude Immigrants
KWOK Yiu Chung 郭耀聰 State-society Relations and Public Consultation in Hong Kong: A State-in-society Approach
WOODS Andrew Nicholas Jus ad Bellum and the Korean War: Evaluating the Conflict and Testing the Theory
LI La, Larry 李拉 How is “China Insult” Deployed to Mobilise Political Support among Overseas Chinese Community for the Chinese Communist Party?
TONG Kin Long 唐健朗 One Cross-Boundary City Region, Two Discourse, Many Storylines: A Discursive Analysis of Hong Kong – Pearl River Delta Integration
WANG Bin, Oscar 王彬 Institutional Diversity and the Governance of Irrigation Commons in Rural China: Examining Ostrom’s Design Principles under Chinese Fragmented Authoritarianism
ZHAO Lingbo 趙凌波 Alliances as Fair-weather Friendships: External Threats and Alliance Stability
SHANG Zheng 尚 正 A Critique of Alan Patten’s Neutrality as Equal Accommodation on the Necessity of Radicalizing Liberal Neutrality
ZHANG Daiding 張岱鼎 Governing Innovation in China: Institutions, Policies, and Outcomes
CHEN Yajiao 陳雅姣 Government-led Collaborative Actions under China’s Environmental Authoritarianism: A Comparative Study of Two Lake Watersheds in Yunnan Province
CHUNG Man Yiu 鍾文耀 Political Meritocracy and Relational Equality

Doctor of Philosophy
MA Rongzhen 馬荣真 The Role, Burden, and Capture of Regulatory Intermediaries: NGOs in China's Environmental Public Interest Litigation System
ANGIOLILLO Fabio Party Membership in Autocracies: Ruling Parties' Recruitment Strategies and Organizational Strength
KANG Siqin 康思勤 The Inclination of Leviathan: The Expansion and Maintenance of Coercive Capacity in China
XIANG Chen 向 晨 Essays on China's Environmental Governance in Transition
HAN Xiao 韓 蕭 Chinese Military Thinking of Surprise
HEMSLEY Elizabeth Immigration Restrictions and the Liberal State: Does Liberalism Require Open Borders?
NEO Qi Zhi 梁啟智 To Censor and Oppress: The Political and Discursive Weaponization of ‘Fake News’ by the Authoritarian State in Southeast Asia
MUKHIN Nikolai The Modern Regency: A New Theory of Leadership Transition in Dictatorships and Regime Resilience: Evidence From Communist Single-party Regimes
SADLER Michael Paul What Makes Military Reassurance Work? Restraint, Conciliation, and Reciprocation During the Cold War
MAO Yexin 毛葉昕 How Does an Authoritarian Regime Choose Its Business Collaborator? Evidence From Public-private Partnerships in China
WANG Mengqiao, Felix 王夢橋 Compensation, Diversion, and the Conservation-Development Tradeoff: Field Evidence from China
AL-SUDAIRI Mohammed Turki A Fighting the Many Smoke-less Wars: A Comparative Study of the Origins, Conceptualizations and Practices of Cultural Security in China and Saudi Arabia
CUI Can 崔 璨 Remaking Water Regime: The Process of Institutional Change in China
FUNG Wai King, Winston 馮為敬 China as a Norm Entrepreneur Disseminating a Humane Authority Model in International Society
LIM Kirk 林駿傑 The Rise of Localism in Hong Kong: A Study of Discursive Formation
HTET Zaw The Problem of Social Integration: A Case Study of Muslims in Transitional Myanmar
KWONG Ying Ho 鄺英豪 Politics of Assimilative Autonomy: Comparative Analysis of Central-peripheral Relations in Hong Kong and Macao under Chinese Sovereignty
SONG Young, Annie 宋 英 Linking the Environment and Free Trade Agreements
WU Jie 吳 洁 Hospital on Fire: Politicized Medical Dispute Resolution in China
XIONG Cai 熊 彩 Revolution, Ideas and Violence in Policy Implementation: A Comparative Research on Birth Control Policy Implementation in Two Provinces in China
YUEN Wing Han, Vera 阮穎嫻 Social Policy Change in a Hybrid Regime – The Case of Retirement Protection in Hong Kong
HUANG Jie 黃 傑 Golden Youth: State, Market, and China’s Second-Generation Private Entrepreneurs
CHEN Hanyu 陳瀚諭 The Profit-Driven Welfare State in China: Public Housing in Two Prefecture-Level Districts
CHAN Sze Wan, Debby 陳詩韻 Signalling Effects of Social Movements in Asymmetric Bargaining: Myanmar and China, 2011-2016
LI Yiran 李亦然 A Long March for Survival: The internet, Social Media and Government Accountability in China
LEUNG Yi Man, Evans 梁㦤雯 Industrial Restructuring in China: An Institutional Analysis of State-Society Relations and its Policy Impacts
PREECHARUSH Dulyapak The Politics of Federalization in Myanmar: A Study of Causal Relationships, Negotiation Mechanism, and Historical Evolution
MENG Weizhan 孟維瞻 Explaining the Variations in the Grand Strategies of Imperial China: Material Capabilities, Confucian Culture and Interest Conflict
RESTREPO Juan Manuel Scaling up Social Innovation: The Case of Escuela Nueva in Colombia and BRAC Education Programme in Bangladesh
YAO Yanran 姚嫣然 The Accountability Dilemmas of INGOs in China

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