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Date / Time Title Speaker Venue Poster
2024-06-27 4:30 PM PPA Talk Series 2023-2024: Social Responsibilities in International Cooperation Networks: Bilateral SWAP Arrangements and Moral Hazard (Jun 27) Professor PANG Xun Professor School of International Studies Peking University C966 Click
2024-06-11 4:30 PM PPA Talk Series 2023-2024: Gaslighting: Information Manipulation on Chinese Social Media (Jun 11) Prof. Thomas Qitong Cao Assistant Professor Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Tufts University C966 Click
2024-04-17 3:30 PM PPA Talk Series : Oppression or Empowerment: Explaining Colonial Narratives in Postcolonial States Prof. Dean Dulay, Assistant Professor ,Department of Political Science and Lee Kong Chian Fellow at Singapore Management University. C966 Click
2024-04-12 4:00 PM PPA Talk Series : The Autocratic Distributional Dilemma: Elite’s Perks and the Expansion of Public Benefits in China Prof. Dongshu Liu, Assistant Professor, Department of Public and International Affairs, the City University of Hong Kong C966 Click
2024-03-14 4:00 PM PPA Talk Series 2023-2024: The Dragon Roars Back: Transformational Leaders and Dynamics of Chinese Foreign Policy (Mar 14) Professor Suisheng ZHAO, Editor of Journal of Contemporary China (JCC) and Director of Center for China-US Cooperation, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver C813 Click
2024-03-01 4:00 PM PPA Talk Series 2023-2024: Becoming a State-Favored Star: An Analysis of Celebrity Co-optation in China Prof. Chengli WANG, Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Public Administration, the University of Macau C966 Click
2024-02-27 4:00 PM PPA Talk Series: Noisy Negotiations: Leaders, Bureaucracy, and International Communication Dr. Tyler Jost, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs, Brown University C966 Click
2023-11-23 3:00 PM PPA Talk Series: Public Interest and State Legitimation: Early Modern England, Japan, and China (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023), Cambridge Studies in Historical Sociology Dr. Wenkai He, Associate Professor, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology C966 Click
2023-11-09 3:00 PM PPA Talk Series: Sino-British Relationship and British Newspapers’ Coverage of China in the 21st Century Dr. Qingning Wang, Assistant Professor, Xi’an-Jiaotong Liverpool University C966 Click
2023-11-01 3:00 PM PPA Talk Series: Hong Kong‘s strategies to retain its competitive edge in the context of changing political economy Amb. Kurt Tong, Managing Partner and Member of the Executive Committee, The Asia Group and Moderator: Professor John P. Burns Social Sciences Chamber Click
2023-10-13 3:00 PM PPA Talk Series: Go Big or Go Home: Explaining China’s Upsizing in UN Peacekeeping Missions Amidst the Rise of Token Forces Dr. Xiaojun Li, Associate Professor of Political Science, NYU Shanghai and University of British Columbia C966 Click
2023-09-21 4:00 PM PPA Talk Series: The New Cold War: The United States, Russia and China, from Kosovo to Ukraine Prof. Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development Studies and International Relations at SOAS, University of London Via Zoom Click
2023-04-20 3:00 PM Cooperation and Contestation in Global Economic Governance: Sino-German Relations in Global Technical Standardization Dr. Daniel Fuchs Via Zoom Click
2023-02-10 2:00 PM Playing Catch-up: How Authoritarian Courts Handle Transnational IP Litigations Dr. Jian Xu Via Zoom Click
2021-12-11 9:00 AM BIG Solutions for Climate Change - Is Hong Kong Prepared? Social Sciences Function Room Click
2021-05-03 12:00 PM Protecting China’s Interests Oversea: Securitization and Foreign Policy Dr Andrea Ghiselli Via Zoom Click
2021-04-23 11:00 AM Why Nations Rise: Narratives and the Path to Great Power Dr Manjari Chatterjee Miller Via Zoom Click
2021-04-20 10:30 AM Webinar for class (20/4) SINO1003 - Rebranding U.S.-China Relations: Beyond the Thucydides Trap and the New Cold War Professor Xiaoyu Pu 蒲晓宇 Via Zoom Click
2021-04-01 2:00 PM Adopting Physiological and Eye Tracking Measures in Political Science Research Dr. Israel Waismel-Manor Via Zoom Click
2021-03-30 10:30 AM Webinar for class (30/3) SINO1003 - A Dialogue on the Documentary '刹馬特我愛你 We Were Smart' (Li Yifan, 2019) Director Li Yifan 李一凡 導演 and Prof. Teng Wei 滕威 教授 Via Zoom Click
2019-11-13 12:30 PM Dead-end for Pyongyang: The Emerging Middle Class, Ideological Awakening, and North Korea’s Regime Resilience **Cancelled** Dr. Lami Kim C966 Click
2019-11-07 4:30 PM Work Hours and Free Time: Should We Shorten the Work Week? Dr. Tom Parr C966 Click
2019-11-06 4:30 PM East Asian Capitalism and the Sustainability of Development: South Korea and Hong Kong Compared Dr. Tat Yan Kong and Dr. Yin Wah Chu C966 Click
2019-11-01 4:30 PM A New Test of the Nuclear Taboo: The Security Environment and Japanese Public Support for Nuclear Weapons Professor Atsushi Tago and Dr. Shoko Kohama C966 Click
2019-10-28 5:00 PM Now You’re Tax-Exempt, Now You’re Not: The Case of Florida Assisted Living Facilities Deborah A. Carroll and Sarah E. Larson C966 Click
2019-10-10 12:30 PM 'Of The Moment' Brown Bag Series - The Third Session on 10/10 C966 Click
2019-09-26 12:30 PM 'Of The Moment' Brown Bag Series - The Second Session on 26/9 C966 Click
2019-09-20 12:30 PM ‘Of The Moment’ Brown Bag Series : Issues about the Rule of Law and Violence in the HK Protests Professor Joseph Chan and Dr. Uwe Steinhoff Social Sciences Chamber
2019-08-27 2:30 PM Influence Activities and Bureaucratic Performance: Experimental Evidence from China Professor Qiong Zhang C701 Click
2019-08-06 12:30 PM Collaborative Governance and Public Sector Motivation: Contingency Theory and Evidence from 168 Cities in the United States Dr. Eduardo Jr. Araral C966 Click
2019-05-30 4:30 PM Economic Shocks and Authoritarian Stability: Russia, Iraq, and China Dr. Victor C. Shih C966 Click
2019-05-09 4:00 PM Citizenship circuits across the life course: the transterritorial journeys of Mainland Chinese migrants Dr. Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho C966 Click
2019-04-23 4:30 PM Elections, electoral systems and democracy in Asia Professor Benjamin Reilly C966 Click
2019-03-28 11:00 AM A Crushing Blow Rolling to a Sweeping Victory? Professor Andrew Wedeman C966 Click
2019-03-13 10:45 AM Immigration and Public Attitudes towards Social Assistance: Evidence from a Small and Developed Economy Dr. Alfred Muluan Wu C1103 Click
2019-02-25 4:30 PM Japan’s Strategic Choice toward the Rise of China during the second Abe administration: From Balancing to Hedging Dr. Mong CHEUNG C966 Click
2019-02-21 4:30 PM New Norms for the World? Selling the “China Solution” Professor Shaun Breslin C966 Click
2019-02-13 4:30 PM Patronage, Personalism and Institutionalisation in Russian Politics, 1999-2016 Dr. Johan A. Elkink C966 Click
2018-12-11 4:30 PM Untying Hands after Public Threats: Signaling Domestic Preferences in International Crisis Dr. Cathy Xuanxuan Wu C966 Click
2018-11-23 2:00 PM Who Blinked? Projecting Resolve (or Lack thereof) in Face-to-face Diplomacy Dr. Seanon Wong
, Department of Government and Public Administration, CUHK
C966 Click
2018-11-20 5:30 PM Strategy and Tactics in Foreign Policy – and Life Sir Sherard COWPER-COLES, KCMG, LVO
, Former British Ambassador and currently Group Head of Public Affairs, HSBC Holdings plc
, Chow Yei Ching Bldg.
2018-11-08 4:30 PM Idea, Action, and Outcome: The Objects and Tasks of Social Sciences Professor TANG Shiping C966 Click
2018-11-07 4:30 PM The Advance of Marketization in North Korea: Between Political Rigidity and Economic Flexibility Dr. Tat Yan Kong C966 Click
2018-10-29 4:00 PM System Dynamics of Enterprise Sensitivity and Power Distribution during Transformation in China Professor Maria Csanádi and
Dr. Ferenc Gyuris
C966 Click
2018-09-21 4:30 PM Neighborhood Governance in Los Angeles Professor Terry L. Cooper C966 Click
2018-09-20 4:30 PM Liberal International Order in Trouble Professor Adam Roberts T6, Meng Wah Complex
2018-09-14 2:00 PM Power: A Temporal View Daniel W. Drezner C966 Click
2018-09-12 4:30 PM Taming Labor: Workers’ Struggles, Workplace Unionism, and Collective Bargaining on a Chinese Waterfront Dr. Tim Pringle C966 Click
2018-06-19 2:00 PM America and the World: Is Trump a game-changer? Dr Leslie Vinjamuri C966 Click
2018-05-25 9:00 AM The 2nd Quantitative Political Science Research Workshop in Hong Kong C966 Click
2018-05-24 4:30 PM 中國農村“分田到戶” 改革的辯證反思 宋亞平教授 C966 Click
2018-05-07 12:00 PM The New Terrain of International Law: Courts, Politics, Rights Professor Karen J. Alter Room 723, Cheng Yu Tung Tower Click
2018-04-27 4:30 PM What Went Wrong?: the United States and China from Partners to Competitors Professor Harry Harding CPD-1.24 Click
2018-04-19 4:30 PM The Rise of the Post-Western World Dr. Oliver Stuenkel C966 Click
2018-03-23 1:00 PM Producing Shared Discoveries Professor Adam Seth Levine Social Sciences Function Room Click
2018-03-22 1:00 PM Impact Workshop (23): How research4impact builds relationships between scholars and practitioners Professor Adam Seth Levine Social Sciences Function Room Click
2018-03-13 4:30 PM The better the finance, the better the economy? Dr. ZHAO Changwen C966 Click
2018-03-12 4:30 PM Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Performance Dr. Michah Rothbart C966 Click
2018-03-02 4:30 PM Countering Capture: Elite Networks and Government Responsiveness in China's Land Market Reform Dr. JIANG Junyan C966 Click
2018-02-28 5:30 PM The Equal Opportunities Commission and the Courts in Hong Kong: A Partnership Model? Professor David H. Rosenbloom C966 Click
2018-01-19 4:30 PM China's power and assertiveness in the South China Dr. Richard Q. Turcsányi C966 Click
2017-12-15 4:00 PM 新時代“一國兩制” 在香港的實踐何去何從?(The “One Country Two Systems” Policy in the New Era) 張建博士 C966 Click
2017-12-14 4:30 PM United States in the Age of Trump: Rules and Norms, Parties and the Public Professor William Bianco C966 Click
2017-12-12 4:30 PM Legislative Rules and Policy Outcomes in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council Professor William Bianco C966 Click
2017-12-07 4:00 PM 中國共產黨的自我革命與破解歷史週期律 (The Institutional Innovation & Capacity Building of the Communist Party of China) 趙劍英教授 C966 Click
2017-11-22 4:30 PM Modern identity politics: On the primacy of ‘Individualism’ in modern politics Professor Haig Patapan C966 Click
2017-10-06 4:30 PM Who Serves the Party on the Ground? Grassroots Party Workers for China’s Non-Public Sector of the Economy Dr. ZHANG Han C966 Click
2017-09-21 4:30 PM Moderating Assertiveness? Chinese Nationalism in the Context of the One Belt One Road Narrative Professor Ivan Willis Rasmussen C966 Click
2017-06-08 2:30 PM With the Rise of China, What’s New for Comparative Politics? Professor WANG Zhengxu 王正绪 C966 Click
2017-05-05 9:30 AM Thought & Cultural Security Practices in China and Saudi Arabia C966 Click
2017-03-14 4:30 PM 中國農村土地集體所有制 (The Collective Land Ownership Regime in Rural China) 陸雷博士 C966 Click
2017-03-10 4:30 PM Populism: a Global Tsunami? Professor Klaus Segbers C966 Click
2017-03-03 4:30 PM Refugee Roulette Revisited: Judicial Preference Variation and Aggregation on the Swiss Federal Administrative Court 2007-2012 Dr. Benjamin Lauderdale C966 Click
2017-02-23 4:30 PM Real Money, Real Power: Participatory Budgeting Dr. Josh Lerner Social Sciences Chamber Click
2017-02-10 4:00 PM Uplifting Political Confidence: Overseas Cadre Training in Contemporary China Dr. ZHOU Kai C966 Click
2017-02-09 4:30 PM Power and Knowledge: The Making of Chinese Market Ideolocracy and the Party-state’s Control over Intellectuals in Reform era Dr. Lu XIA C966 Click
2017-01-12 4:30 PM Brexit: What does it mean? Dr. Adam Steinhouse CPD-2.58 Click
2016-12-13 4:30 PM 自媒體與公共政策傳播 于潞 C966 Click
2016-11-08 4:30 PM From laggard to superpower: Explaining China’s high-speed rail ‘miracle’ Professor Gerald Chan C966 Click
2016-11-07 4:30 PM Protest Politics in South Korea since the 1970s: The Role of Mothers and Wives of Political Dissidents Professor Youngtae Shin C966 Click
2016-10-20 2:30 PM Skyscrapers and Skylines: The Case of China Professor Jason M. Barr C966 Click
2016-09-29 3:00 PM 中國國家治理的“短板” 燕繼榮教授 C966 Click
2016-06-23 11:00 AM Understanding Conceptions of Legitimate Humanitarianism: Analyzing Cultures of Humanitarianism in East Asia Ass. Prof. Jacinta O’Hagan C966 Click
2016-04-21 4:30 PM Privatization with Vested Interests in China Professor ZHENG Yu C966 Click
2016-04-13 3:30 PM Are Factions Self-Enforcing Contracts: Identifying the Impact of Patrons’ Exit on the Careers of Clients?
Dr Victor Shih C966 Click
2016-04-11 1:30 PM Technology, Democracy, and Security
Seminar Schedule
Social Sciences Chamber Click
2016-04-07 4:30 PM Developments in Public Administration Theory and Methods
Download PPT
Professor James L. Perry C966 Click
2016-03-23 6:00 PM The Struggle for Hong Kong’s Heritage An Advocate’s View Mr. William Meacham C813 Click
2016-03-18 5:00 PM Is Democracy in Decline? Professor Larry Diamond Social Sciences Chamber Click
2016-03-11 4:30 PM The EU in Crisis: How Serious is It? Professor Klaus Segbers Social Sciences Chamber
2016-03-01 4:30 PM Constructing A Climate Change Logic: An Institutional Perspective on the Tragedy of the Commons Dr. Barbara Gray C966 Click
2016-02-29 4:00 PM Is there a Duty to Militarily Intervene to Stop a Genocide? Dr Uwe Steinhoff C966 Click
2016-02-18 4:00 PM Exit Left: Markets and Mobility in Republican Thought
Professor Robert S. Taylor C966 Click
2016-01-26 4:00 PM 中國因素與太陽花運動:參與NGO與支持群眾的看法
China Factor and Sunflower Movement: Perspectives from Participating NGOs and Supporting Citizens
Dr. HSU SZE-CHIEN Social Sciences Chamber Click
2016-01-26 12:00 PM Patterns and Dynamics of Political Trust in Contemporary China, 1993-2011 Dr. Jie Lu C966 Click
2016-01-25 4:30 PM 針對中國目標的恐怖襲擊 統計與其特徵 王偉光博士 C966 Click
2016-01-21 4:30 PM The Struggle for Legitimacy: China Rising in a World Not of Its Own Making Professor Yongjin Zhang C966 Click
2016-01-20 4:30 PM Taiwan after 2016: The Changing Political Landscape and the Future of Cross-strait Relations Dr. Chelsea C. Chou C966 Click
2016-01-19 4:30 PM The Watershed? Contentious Politics, Geopolitical Transformation, and Endogenous Changes in the Cross-Strait Relationship after 2016 Dr. Hans H. Tung C966 Click
2015-12-14 4:30 PM Key Concepts in Economic Sanctions Research: Lessons from the Rare Earth Elements Case Professor Eugene Gholz C966 Click
2015-12-01 4:00 PM Analyzing Myanmar’s General Election Professor Mary Callahan KB115 Click
2015-11-30 4:30 PM For A More Thoroughly Relational Confucian Politics: Reflections on Joseph Chan's Confucian Perfectionism Professor Thaddeus Metz C966 Click
2015-11-30 2:15 PM 政策投資與「互聯網+」泡沫 孫宇教授 C966 Click
2015-11-26 12:00 PM Cold Equations: China’s Evolving Arctic Strategies Dr Marc Lanteigne C966 Click
2015-11-20 4:30 PM Japan's Ocean Empire: Fisheries, the Environment and the State Professor William M. Tsutsui C966 Click
2015-11-10 4:30 PM Joint Political Rights and Obligations? Professor Seumas Miller C966 Click
2015-11-09 4:30 PM Self-Determination for National Minorities Professor Alan Patten Social Sciences Chamber
2015-10-09 4:30 PM Pillar of Governance: Taxation and Authoritarian Resilience Dr. ZHANG Changdong C966 Click
2015-10-07 4:30 PM 社區建設的新理念、 新技術與新路徑
New Idea, New Technology and New Pathways of Community Construction in Mainland China
袁方成教授 C966 Click
2015-09-25 4:30 PM Contested Inputs for Scientific Research: Why Access to Biological Materials Is Blocked Professor Eric W. Welch C966 Click
2015-09-24 3:30 PM 認同競爭與國家治理: 基於中國和域外的經驗
(Competing Political Identities and State Building: Experiences from China and Beyond)
戴長征教授 C966 Click
2015-09-23 4:30 PM No Ordinary Poll: Looking Ahead to Myanmar’s 2015 General Election Professor Ian Holliday C966 Click
2015-09-22 4:30 PM Gender Inequality, Non-sovereign Agency, and the Plurality of Political Freedom
Professor Sharon Krause C966 Click
Dr. Mun II Hyun C966 Click
2015-08-24 6:00 PM China’s Rise and Asia’s Emerging Security Order Professor AMITAV ACHARYA Social Sciences Chamber Click
2015-07-10 4:30 PM Social Media and Britain's Hashtag Election Dr. Philip Habel C966 Click
2015-05-26 4:30 PM How Government Reform Will Decide the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Professor Paul C. Light C966 Click
2015-05-19 4:30 PM Democracy Through Strength: Asia’s Development and Democratization Dr. Dan Slater C966 Click
2015-05-14 4:30 PM Rediscovering Moral Beauty Professor David B. Wong C966 Click
2015-04-28 4:30 PM How Can Policy Research Help Resolve Complex Problems? Professor Brian Head C966 Click
2015-04-26 6:00 PM MPA Programme 36th Anniversary Dinner, 26 April 2015 (Sunday) at Loke Yew Hall Loke Yew Hall Click
2015-04-23 4:30 PM Models of Participatory Democracy: The Case of Participatory Budgeting Worldwide Professor Yves Sintomer C966 Click
2015-04-16 4:30 PM Against Revisionist Just War Theory Dr. Garvan Walshe C966 Click
2015-04-14 4:30 PM ’The Japan Choice’: Why Australia and Japan Have Built A Special Strategic Partnership Dr. Thomas S. Wilkins C966 Click
2015-03-31 4:30 PM What Kind of Regional Security Order Does China Want? Professor Paul Evans C966 Click
2015-03-24 4:30 PM Transnational Governance as Democratic Experimentalism? Lessons from Global Public Health Professor Christopher Ansell C966 C1131 Click
2015-03-20 4:30 PM 中國政府管理創新的新舉措 章文光教授 C1103 Click
2015-02-26 4:30 PM Constructing Indigenous Public Administration in Asia: Embedded Intellectual Constraints and Possibilities Professor M. Shamsul Haque C966 Click
2015-02-26 2:00 PM Democracy for a New Era: Legitimate Coercion and Problem of Common versus Conflicting Interests Professor Jane Mansbridge C1103 Click
2015-02-03 4:30 PM Preparing for Mega-Disasters: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina Professor Arjen Boin C966 Click
2015-01-26 4:30 PM British Policy Leading to the Transfer of Sovereignty over Hong Kong Dr. Dalena Wright Social Sciences Chamber Click
2014-12-18 4:30 PM Cashing In, Buying Out: Asian Responses to Power Transition and the U.S.-China Security Dilemma Ja Ian Chong C966 Click
2014-12-15 4:30 PM Does War Have a Future in International Relations? Richard Ned Lebow C966 Click
2014-12-11 4:30 PM China Model: Debate and Reflection Professor CHEN Shaofeng C966 Click
2014-12-09 4:30 PM Global Economic Imbalance and the Role of China Professor CHEN Shaofeng C966 Click
2014-10-30 4:30 PM Three Hypotheses about the Chinese State Stein Ringen C966 Click
2014-10-13 4:30 PM The Morality of Autonomous Weapons Professor Seumas Miller C966 Click
2014-10-10 4:00 PM 改革開放背後的政府領導力 郭曉來教授 C966 Click
2014-10-08 5:00 PM U.S. Asia Relations: The View from Washington Professor Michael E. Brown Social Sciences Chamber Click
2014-05-05 4:30 PM Implementation of Authentic Participatory Budgeting: Empirical Evidence from American Municipal Governments Professor Yahong Zhang C966 Click
2014-04-24 4:30 PM Does China Make Rules for the World? Professor Gerald Chan C966 Click
2014-04-22 4:30 PM Perceived Social Mobility and Political Trust in China Dr. Zhenhua Su C966 Click
2014-04-15 4:30 PM The Reach of the State: Work Units, Social Ties and Resistance Control in China Professor Yanhua Deng C966 Click
2014-04-10 4:30 PM Vertical Support and Horizontal Networks in China Professor Jae Ho CHUNG C966 Click
2014-04-08 4:30 PM Management of Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector Professor Jacob Torfing C966 Click
2014-04-03 3:30 PM Participation in Legal Drafting and Compliance with Business Regulation: Evidence from Vietnam Professor Edmund Malesky C966 Click
2014-03-25 4:30 PM The Status of Leadership Theory and Research Professor Montgomery Van Wart C966 Click
2014-03-07 4:30 PM 中國城鎮化進程中的民生改善 唐任伍教授 C966 Click
2014-02-21 5:30 PM Civil society theory and research Professor Grzegorz Ekiert C966 Click
2014-02-19 5:30 PM Social movement theory and research Professor Grzegorz Ekiert C966 Click
2014-02-17 5:30 PM Civil society, social movements and contentious politics in Poland in comparative perspective Professor Grzegorz Ekiert Social Sciences Chamber Click
2014-02-11 4:30 PM Understanding the Great Transition in Central and Eastern Europe - Twenty Five Years after 1989 Professor Grzegorz Ekiert Social Sciences Chamber Click
2014-01-28 4:30 PM Japan's Grand Strategy in an Era of Change Dr Thomas Wilkins C813 Click
2014-01-23 4:30 PM From Gentry Class Predominance to Civil Participation: The Transformation of the Governance Structure and Functions of the Temples in Taiwan's Rural Areas Professor Chao Yung-mau C813 Click
2014-01-09 4:30 PM Ideology and American Foreign Policy Professor John Owen Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-12-03 11:00 AM The Governance Report 2013: The Challenges of Innovative Governance Professor Helmut K Anheier C966 Click
2013-11-14 3:30 PM The Novelty of Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Emperor's New Clothes? Jürgen Braunstein C966 Click
2013-11-08 4:00 PM Liberty’s Constraints on What Should Be Made Criminal Professor Michael S. Moore Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-11-08 10:00 AM Targeted Killing, Autonomous Drones and Collective Moral Responsibility Professor Seumas Miller C966 Click
2013-11-07 2:30 PM Torture and Ethics Academic Conference Room None
2013-11-05 4:30 PM Policy Rents, Promotion, and China's Economic Policymaking: An Integrated Theoretical Framework Dr. Hans H. Tung C966 Click
2013-11-01 4:00 PM Taking up Space on Earth: Theorizing Territorial Rights, the Justification of States and Immigration from a Global Standpoint Professor Mathias Risse Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-10-31 4:30 PM Leadership Preferences in Ethno-Territorial Conflicts, with Applications to Tibet and Xinjiang Professor Shale Horowitz C966 Click
2013-10-28 4:30 PM The Chinese Dream and American Happiness: Does the Constitutionalism Matter? Professor Patrick Mendis C966 Click
2013-09-13 4:30 PM Another Marx: New Perspectives After the New Historical-Critical Edition of his Writings Dr. Marcello Musto C966 Click
2013-07-06 2:30 PM 《走過十年‧公民社會》研討會 香港歷史博物館地下演講廳 Click
2013-07-02 6:00 PM Threat Perception During Power Transition: The 'History Problem', Aggressive Intentions, and China's Threat Perception of Japan Dr. Yongwook RYU C966 Click
2013-06-21 5:00 PM Responding to Disagreement Professor Thomas M. Scanlon, Jr. Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-06-17 5:00 PM The Problem of Disagreement Professor Thomas M. Scanlon, Jr. Academic Conference Room Click
2013-05-13 4:30 PM The US Rebalance to Asia and its Implications for the Region Ambassador Stephen M. Young Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-05-06 4:30 PM The Pacifism in Plato Dr. Amy L. Shuster C966 Click
2013-04-26 4:30 PM IT-Based Financial and Performance Management Reforms in South Korea Professor Heungsuk CHOI C966 Click
2013-04-25 4:30 PM Polycentric, Monopolistic or Oligopolistic? Exploring Network Structure and Motivations of Partnerships in a Community-Based Senior Service Delivery System Dr. Bin CHEN C966 Click
2013-04-18 6:30 PM Public Dispute Resolution in Hong Kong: A Practitioner’s Note Mr. JAT Sew-Tong, SC, JP Large Moot Court Click
2013-04-09 4:30 PM Each to Their Own: Can the Capability Approach be Legitimate and Justified? Dr. Jeremy Moss C966 Click
2013-03-21 4:30 PM Reforming Public Pensions in an Aging World: Lessons from Western Democracies Professor R. Kent Weaver C966 Click
2013-03-08 6:00 PM Government, NGOs and the New Public Management Professor Steven Smith Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-03-01 4:30 PM Political Culture: Globalisation and Civilisation Differences Professor Jan-Erik Lane C966 Click
2013-02-28 6:30 PM Islamic Politial Thought Today: Western Influence and Revivalism Professor Antony Black Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-02-26 6:30 PM The Historical Evolution of Islamic Political Thought: Law, Knowledge and Power Professor Antony Black Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-01-17 4:30 PM Government-nonprofit Relation in Mainland China: A Preliminary Examination Professor Yijia JING C966 Click
2012-12-12 4:30 PM The Adjustment of China's Regional Development Strategy and Its Impact on Intergovernmental Relations Professor Long YANG C966 Click
2012-12-06 4:30 PM Giving Rise to Cost Dr. Gerhard Øverland C966 Click
2012-12-05 4:00 PM 中國內地商品房預售制廢存之爭及前景 王宏新博士 C966 Click
2012-11-06 4:30 PM Self-Defense, Justifying Emergency, and War Dr. Uwe Steinhoff C966 Click
2012-10-22 9:30 AM Thai Democracy: Retreating or Moving Forward? Dr. Suchit Bunbongkarn C966 Click
2012-10-19 4:00 PM Minnowbrook III and the Future of Public Administration Professor Rosemary O’Leary CJT8.13 Click
2012-10-19 1:45 PM Decision 2012: Decoding the Obama and Rommey Platforms Dr. Justin S. Vaughn
Dr. Sara Jordan
Wang Gungwu Theatre
2012-10-18 12:00 PM Change, Continuity, and Controversy in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election Dr. Justin S. Vaughn Social Sciences Chamber Click
2012-10-11 4:30 PM Exploring a Path: Public Choice Theory and the Future of Hong Kong Professor Hank Savitch Social Sciences Chamber Click
2012-10-04 4:30 PM U.S. - Asia Relations: The Next Four Years Professor Michael E. Brown Social Sciences Chamber Click
2012-09-24 6:30 PM David Schlesinger on China Mr. David Schlesinger Social Sciences Chamber Click
2012-09-18 4:30 PM Recent Developments in North Korea: Succession and the Prospects for Reform Professor Stephan Haggard C966 Click
2012-05-24 4:30 PM Non-Domination through Citizenship Dr. Barbara Buckinx MW631 Click
2012-04-26 4:30 PM Poverty in the Midst of Affluence Mr. Leo Goodstadt MW631 Click
2012-04-19 4:30 PM Growing Chinese Military Activity in the South China Sea and Regional Responses Mr. Richard A. Bitzinger MW631 Click
2012-04-12 4:30 PM Debating the China-India 'Great Game' Allegory: The Case of Myanmar Dr. Renaud Egreteau MW631 Click
2012-03-29 4:30 PM China's Global Rise: What Next? Prof. Lowell Dittmer MW631 Click
2012-03-15 4:30 PM Collaborative Multi-Sector Service Delivery: Toward a Theory of Informal Accountability Prof. Barbara Romzek MW631 Click
2012-03-02 6:30 PM Slaves and Suppliants, Prisoners and Parishioners: The Disciplinary Kant Prof. Robert S. Taylor T1 Click
2012-02-24 6:30 PM From Personal Freedom to Republican Government: The Structure and Justification of Kant's Social-Contract Theory Prof. Robert S. Taylor T1 Click
2012-02-17 6:30 PM Universal Republicanism, Pacific Federation Prof. Robert S. Taylor T1 Click
2012-02-10 6:30 PM Freedom, Equality, and Independence Prof. Robert S. Taylor T1 Click
2012-02-03 6:30 PM Morality, Politics, and the Progress of Absolutism Prof. Robert S. Taylor MW631 Click
2011-12-05 2:30 PM What's next: G20, the Eurozone Crisis and Global Economy Mr. Creon Butler MW631 Click
2011-11-17 4:30 PM The Unique Role of Science and Technology in China's Development: Implications for Hong Kong Dr YU Wing-yin MW631 Click
2011-11-10 4:30 PM From Socialist Ideology to Cultural Heritage: The Changing Basis of Legitimacy in the PRC Prof. Richard P. Madsen MW631 Click
2011-10-20 4:30 PM 當下中國的國家與社會: 温州動車事故分析 董國禮教授 MW631 None
2011-10-17 4:30 PM Cross-Strait Relations under Ma Ying-jeou: Review and Prospect Prof. Richard C. Bush MW631 Click
2011-10-06 4:30 PM High-Quality Winner Win More: A Model for Bulletin Forum and Some Insights Dr. Frederick Kin Hing Phoa MW631 Click
2011-09-29 4:30 PM Threats and Opportunities in the South China Sea Dr. Carla Freeman MW631 Click
2011-07-29 4:30 PM Housing Market, Bank Reforms and Local Government Finance in China Prof. Shujie YAO MW631 Click
2011-05-27 4:15 PM Promoting Regime Support in China: An Emprical Analysis Prof. TANG Wenfang MW631 Click
2011-05-04 5:00 PM Diagnosing Social-Ecological Systems Prof. Elinor Ostrom T6 Click
2011-04-28 2:00 PM The Spirit of Cities: Why the Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age Prof. Daniel A. Bell MW631 Click
2011-04-18 4:30 PM Money Politics: International Credit/Debt as Credible Commitment Prof. Steve Chan MW631 Click
2011-03-10 4:00 PM A General Scientific Theory of the Representation of Public Preferences in National Politics in the United States Prof. Kim Quaile Hill S631 Click
2011-02-09 4:15 PM Conflict and Cooperation Among Local Governments in China Prof. YANG Long S631 Click
2011-01-17 4:00 PM The Weakness of Post-Communist Civil Society Reexamined Prof. Grzegorz Ekiert S631 Click
2010-11-25 6:00 PM Why do States Pursue Nuclear Weapons? Professor Etel Solingen T6 Click
2010-11-19 4:30 PM Innovation or Involution: An Analysis on China's Political Reforms Prof. HU Wei S631 Click
2010-11-08 10:00 AM Moral Obligations of States, Collective Duties and Climate Change Dr. Anne Schewenkenbecher S631 None
2010-11-06 6:30 PM MIPA 10th Anniversary Dinner 2000-2010 FC None
2010-10-09 9:00 AM Roundtable Discussion on the State of the Social Service Sector MW631 None
2010-09-16 4:30 PM Securitising Aid and Civil Society: Before and After the War on Terror Prof. Jude A. Howell S631 Click
2010-06-11 2:30 PM The Rise of China: US and Canadian Perspectives Prof. Robert G Sutter & Prof. Paul Evans S631 Click
2010-05-14 4:30 PM Just Bridges, No Boundaries: The Nature of the Study of Public Administration Prof. Jos C.N. Raadschelders S631 Click
2010-05-10 9:00 AM Statecraft in the South: Understanding Policy Success in Developing Countries Dr Willy McCourt S631 Click
2010-02-02 4:00 PM China's Governance and Control over News Media and the Internet 周虎城先生 MW631 None
2009-11-23 4:00 PM Why are East Asian States not Balancing Against a Rising China? Prof. Steve CHAN S631 Click
2009-11-19 4:30 PM Art of Democracy: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Scholars to Engage Communities Dr. Shawn Erik Schooley S631 Click
2009-10-24 10:00 AM Information Day Click
2009-09-25 10:30 AM 602 and One Dead : Global Poverty and The Implication Dilemma of the Principle of Contribution Dr. Gerhard Overland S631 Click
2009-09-24 4:30 PM Transcending New Public Management - Perspectives, Trends and Challenges Prof. Tom Christensen S631 Click
2009-09-05 11:00 AM US-China Relations under the Obama Administration Prof. G. John Ikenberry P3, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building Click
2009-03-26 4:30 PM Policy Regimes and Governance: Constructing Homeland Security Prof. Peter May S631 Click
2009-03-17 10:30 AM Sharing the Products of a Collectively Owned World in a Non-atomic Game Prof. Alex Coram S631 Click
2009-03-09 4:40 PM Challenging the Performance Movement Prof. Beryl A. Radin S631 Click
2009-02-21 6:30 PM HKU MPA Programme 30th Anniversary Dinner Loke Yew Hall Click
2009-01-08 4:30 PM Recognition, Equality, Difference: Assessing Northern Ireland's Peace Process as a Model for Ethon-National Conflict Resolution Prof. Shane O'Neill S631 Click
2008-12-17 4:30 PM Back to the Future? Performance-Related Pay, Empirical Research, and the Perils of Persistence Prof. James Perry S631 Click
2008-11-24 4:30 PM Political Consultants -- A Comparative Study Prof. Matt Qvortrup S631 Click
2008-11-21 12:30 PM The United States and Asia: Challenges for the Obama Administration Dr. Brad Glosserman and Dr. Richard Hu S631 Click
2008-09-25 4:30 PM What kind of sector, what king of society? Policy reflection on civil society futures Prof. Helmut Anheier S631 Click
2008-07-30 4:00 PM Inter-Organizational Network and Performance Ms. Helen K. LIU S631 Click
2008-07-15 4:30 PM Can We Manage Complex and "Wicked" Problems? Prof. Brian Head S631 Click
2008-06-11 4:30 PM Good and Bad Government Prof. Bert A. Rockman S631 Click
2008-04-23 4:30 PM Good Government: A Centripetal Theory of Democratic Governance Prof. John Gerring S631 Click
2008-03-19 4:30 PM Local Public Economies and Metropolitan Governance Prof. Roger B. Parks S631 Click
2008-03-05 4:30 PM Governance and Metagovernance: Ideas about Steering State and Society Prof. B. Guy Peters S631 Click
2008-02-02 12:00 PM Introduction to Plagiarism and Citation Dr Sara JORDAN T6,1/F,Meng Wah Complex Click
2008-01-30 6:30 PM Introduction to Plagiarism and Citation Dr Sara JORDAN T6,1/F,Meng Wah Complex Click
2008-01-11 4:00 PM Three Global Taxes to End World Poverty Dr. Paula Casal S631 Click
2007-12-07 4:30 PM Civil Service Leadership in Western Europe: Torn Between Managerial and Policy Oriented Roles Prof. F. M. van der Meer S631 Click
2007-11-28 4:30 PM The Politics of Mistrust Professor Leo F. Goodstadt S631 Click
2007-10-30 4:30 PM 當代中國政治發展與轉型-比較的視野 郭定平教授 MW631 Click
2007-10-09 4:30 PM Political crisis in Burma/Myanmar, What is to be done? Professor Ian Holliday S631 Click
2007-09-22 9:00 AM "Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong: The Green Paper and Beyond",organised by Faculty of Law, co-sponsored by PPA Details here P4 Click
2007-09-21 7:00 PM I am not sure about my future career Details here Rm 101, Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre,HKU Click
2007-09-12 4:30 PM Competing Approaches to Candidate Nomination in Chinese Village Election : Impacts, Causal Mechanisms and Selection Bias Professor Gaochao HE S631 Click
2007-08-09 4:30 PM China's Approaches to Global Governance Prof. Gerald Chan S631 Click
2007-07-19 2:30 PM How President Georage W. Bush's Theory of a Unitary Executive Branch Undermines the Rule of Law Professor David Rosenbloom S631 Click
2007-05-10 4:30 PM War and Historical China: Tianxia daluan or Confucian-Kantian Peace? Dr. Victoria Tin-bor Hui S631 Click
2007-04-10 4:30 PM Corporatism and Interest Politics in China Dr. Peter N.S. Lee S631 Click
2007-03-09 4:30 PM Public Administration in the U.S.: Ideology,False Consciousness, and Cognitive Dissonance Professor Gary Wamsley S631 Click
2007-02-12 4:30 PM East Asia's Arrested Multilateralism Prof. Amitav Acharya S401 Click
2006-11-30 4:30 PM ASEAN and Multilateral Security Mechanisms in the Asia Pacific Dr. LEE Lai To S631 Click
2006-11-23 4:30 PM Post-NPM Reforms in the Public Sector-Perspectives and Experiences Professor Tom Christensen S631 Click
2006-11-17 4:30 PM The Scope of the Offence: Delineating the Concept of "Crimes Against Humanity" Professor Norman Geras S401 Click
2006-11-02 4:30 PM Issues in the History of Political Science: A British Perspective Professor Michael Kenny S631 Click
2006-10-11 4:30 PM Implementing Shifts in National and Regional Strategies: A Comparison of Four Approaches Professor Ian Marsh S631 Click
2006-09-21 4:30 PM From Political Apathy to Political Activism? Changes in Political Attitudes and Participation in Post-Colonial Hong Kong Prof. Raymond Sin-kwok Wong S631 Click
2006-09-14 4:30 PM Recent Ideological Developments in British Politics Professor Andrew Gamble S631 Click
2006-06-27 4:30 PM European Integration and Varieties of Capitalism: The Brussels Consensus Professor Richard Balme S631 Click
2006-06-23 4:30 PM Regulation and Competitiveness of Nation Dr. Jin Wook CHOI S631 Click
2006-06-08 4:30 PM Organizational Attention Deficit Disorder: The Sorting of Organizational Priorities Professor Bert A. Rockman S631 Click
2006-05-18 4:30 PM Political Learning and Voting in Hong Kong's Elections in 2004 Professor KUAN Hsin-chi S631 Click
2006-04-28 3:30 PM Role of NGOs in Governance, Empowerment, and Development in Bangladesh: An Alternative Viewpoint Professor M. Shamsul Haque S631 Click
2006-04-01 12:30 PM Convergence and Diversity in Social Security Professor Martin Rein Senior Staff Common Room Click
2006-03-31 4:30 PM Legitimacy and Electoral Participation in Rural Anhui Dr. Bryan C.S. Ho S631 Click
2006-03-20 4:30 PM Emerging Modes of Governance in Anglo-Saxon Countries: the Results of Two Decades of Public Sector Reform Professor John Halligan S631 Click
2006-02-14 4:15 PM Freedom, Security and Justice in the European Union after 9/11 Professor Bart De Schutter S631 Click
2005-11-22 2:00 PM Human Security in a Globalized World How do the most pressing issues, such as infectious diseases, climate change, proverty,a dn conflict , affect human security today? Lloyd Axworthy Senate Room, 10/F, Knowles Building Click
2005-11-16 4:30 PM Democracy and Meritocracy : Toward A Confucian Perspective Dr. Joseph C. W. Chan S631 Click
2005-11-02 4:30 PM Factional Politics in China The Shanghai Gang and the Communist Youth Leaque Group Dr. Bo Zhiyue S631 Click
2005-09-21 4:00 PM Corruption and Organised Crime in Post-Communism (with particular reference to Russia and North-East Asia Prof. Leslie HOLMES S631 Click
2005-05-31 4:00 PM Integration and Autonomy in Organisational Governance: Comparative Study of KCRC and MTRC Dr. Rikkie L.K. Au S631 Click
2005-05-27 12:30 PM Luncheon Seminar by Dr. David Malone David Malone Senior Staff Common Room None
2005-05-24 4:00 PM Disciplined Governance: Environmental Politics in Illiberal Singapore Ms. Maria Francesch S631 Click
2005-05-18 10:30 AM Accounting for Performance in the Hong Kong Public Sector Dr. Janice L. Caulfield S631 Click
2005-04-20 10:30 AM A Quantitative Study of the Roles of Functional Representatives in Social Policy Deliberations and voting in Hong Kong 1998-2004 Ms. Rowena YF Kwok S631 Click
2005-03-07 4:30 PM An International Perspective on Public Management and Democratic Governance Prof. Geert Bouckaert S631 Click
2005-03-01 4:30 PM Globalizing Local Governance Prof. Lan Zhiyong S631 Click
2005-02-28 2:00 PM Government-Business Collusion Dr. Yeung Sum Rm LG102,KK Click
2004-11-04 4:30 PM Intra-Party Democracy: A Revisionist Perspective from Below Prof. He Baogang S631 Click
2004-10-28 4:00 PM ASEAN and regional institutions in the Asia-Pacific: ambition versus performance Prof. James Cotton S631 Click
2004-10-12 4:00 PM Will a John F. Kerry Presidency Make Any Difference to US Foreign Policy? Dr. Lucy Cummings S631 Click
2004-10-07 4:00 PM Public Policy and the Changqing Political System in Hong Kong Prof. Ian Scott S631 Click
2004-06-08 4:30 PM Rolling Back the State? A Tale of Privatization in the USA and Germany Prof. Bert A. Rockman S631 Click
2004-06-04 2:00 PM Better than Power : International Status in Chinese Foreign Policy Dr. Yong Deng S631 Click
2004-04-22 4:30 PM China as a Developmental State Prof. Jude Howell S631 Click
2004-04-15 10:30 AM E-Government and Corruption: A Cross-Country Survey Dr. Jin-Wook Choi S631 Click
2004-03-11 10:30 AM The Politics of Transborder Crime in Greater China: A Comparative Study of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Dr. Sunny S H Lo S631 Click
2004-02-26 10:30 AM The SARS Outbreak and Cross-boundary Cooperation in South China Dr. Peter TY Cheung S631 Click
2004-02-25 4:30 PM New Modes of Governance Prof. B. Guy Peters S631 Click
2003-05-03 9:00 AM Hong Kong Political Science Association Annual General Meeting 2003 Council Chamber None
2003-04-24 4:30 PM Sovereignty Disputes over Enclaves: A Comparative Study of Ceuta, Falklands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong and Macau Dr. Sonny Lo S631 Click
2003-03-26 4:00 PM Reconfiguring Organisations, Roles and Tasks in Modern Governance Dr. Ian Thynne S631 Click
2003-02-27 4:00 PM Attention Allocation in the Public Policy Process Prof. Bryan Jones S631 Click
2003-02-26 4:00 PM Teaching Politics/ Philosophy and Academic Neutrality : Do They Go Hand in Hand ? Prof. Avner De-Shalit S631 Click
2003-02-19 4:00 PM Policy Stages and Windows : the Policy Process in Hong Kong Prof. John Burns S631 None
2003-02-17 2:00 PM The Bush Administration's East Asia Policy with special reference to the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan? Dr. Richard C. Bush S631 None
2002-11-27 4:00 PM Intergovernmental relations in south China Dr Peter Cheung S631 None
2002-11-05 2:00 PM Organizing around marginalized interests in china: reflections on civil society Dr. Jude Howell S631 None

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