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Date / Time Title Speaker Venue Poster
2023-04-20 3:00 PM Cooperation and Contestation in Global Economic Governance: Sino-German Relations in Global Technical Standardization Dr. Daniel Fuchs Via Zoom Click
2023-02-10 2:00 PM Playing Catch-up: How Authoritarian Courts Handle Transnational IP Litigations Dr. Jian Xu Via Zoom Click
2021-12-11 9:00 AM BIG Solutions for Climate Change - Is Hong Kong Prepared? Social Sciences Function Room Click
2021-05-03 12:00 PM Protecting China’s Interests Oversea: Securitization and Foreign Policy Dr Andrea Ghiselli Via Zoom Click
2021-04-23 11:00 AM Why Nations Rise: Narratives and the Path to Great Power Dr Manjari Chatterjee Miller Via Zoom Click
2021-04-20 10:30 AM Webinar for class (20/4) SINO1003 - Rebranding U.S.-China Relations: Beyond the Thucydides Trap and the New Cold War Professor Xiaoyu Pu 蒲晓宇 Via Zoom Click
2021-04-01 2:00 PM Adopting Physiological and Eye Tracking Measures in Political Science Research Dr. Israel Waismel-Manor Via Zoom Click
2021-03-30 10:30 AM Webinar for class (30/3) SINO1003 - A Dialogue on the Documentary '刹馬特我愛你 We Were Smart' (Li Yifan, 2019) Director Li Yifan 李一凡 導演 and Prof. Teng Wei 滕威 教授 Via Zoom Click
2019-11-13 12:30 PM Dead-end for Pyongyang: The Emerging Middle Class, Ideological Awakening, and North Korea’s Regime Resilience **Cancelled** Dr. Lami Kim C966 Click
2019-11-07 4:30 PM Work Hours and Free Time: Should We Shorten the Work Week? Dr. Tom Parr C966 Click
2019-11-06 4:30 PM East Asian Capitalism and the Sustainability of Development: South Korea and Hong Kong Compared Dr. Tat Yan Kong and Dr. Yin Wah Chu C966 Click
2019-11-01 4:30 PM A New Test of the Nuclear Taboo: The Security Environment and Japanese Public Support for Nuclear Weapons Professor Atsushi Tago and Dr. Shoko Kohama C966 Click
2019-10-28 5:00 PM Now You’re Tax-Exempt, Now You’re Not: The Case of Florida Assisted Living Facilities Deborah A. Carroll and Sarah E. Larson C966 Click
2019-10-10 12:30 PM 'Of The Moment' Brown Bag Series - The Third Session on 10/10 C966 Click
2019-09-26 12:30 PM 'Of The Moment' Brown Bag Series - The Second Session on 26/9 C966 Click
2019-09-20 12:30 PM ‘Of The Moment’ Brown Bag Series : Issues about the Rule of Law and Violence in the HK Protests Professor Joseph Chan and Dr. Uwe Steinhoff Social Sciences Chamber
2019-08-27 2:30 PM Influence Activities and Bureaucratic Performance: Experimental Evidence from China Professor Qiong Zhang C701 Click
2019-08-06 12:30 PM Collaborative Governance and Public Sector Motivation: Contingency Theory and Evidence from 168 Cities in the United States Dr. Eduardo Jr. Araral C966 Click
2019-05-30 4:30 PM Economic Shocks and Authoritarian Stability: Russia, Iraq, and China Dr. Victor C. Shih C966 Click
2019-05-09 4:00 PM Citizenship circuits across the life course: the transterritorial journeys of Mainland Chinese migrants Dr. Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho C966 Click
2019-04-23 4:30 PM Elections, electoral systems and democracy in Asia Professor Benjamin Reilly C966 Click
2019-03-28 11:00 AM A Crushing Blow Rolling to a Sweeping Victory? Professor Andrew Wedeman C966 Click
2019-03-13 10:45 AM Immigration and Public Attitudes towards Social Assistance: Evidence from a Small and Developed Economy Dr. Alfred Muluan Wu C1103 Click
2019-02-25 4:30 PM Japan’s Strategic Choice toward the Rise of China during the second Abe administration: From Balancing to Hedging Dr. Mong CHEUNG C966 Click
2019-02-21 4:30 PM New Norms for the World? Selling the “China Solution” Professor Shaun Breslin C966 Click
2019-02-13 4:30 PM Patronage, Personalism and Institutionalisation in Russian Politics, 1999-2016 Dr. Johan A. Elkink C966 Click
2018-12-11 4:30 PM Untying Hands after Public Threats: Signaling Domestic Preferences in International Crisis Dr. Cathy Xuanxuan Wu C966 Click
2018-11-23 2:00 PM Who Blinked? Projecting Resolve (or Lack thereof) in Face-to-face Diplomacy Dr. Seanon Wong
, Department of Government and Public Administration, CUHK
C966 Click
2018-11-20 5:30 PM Strategy and Tactics in Foreign Policy – and Life Sir Sherard COWPER-COLES, KCMG, LVO
, Former British Ambassador and currently Group Head of Public Affairs, HSBC Holdings plc
, Chow Yei Ching Bldg.
2018-11-08 4:30 PM Idea, Action, and Outcome: The Objects and Tasks of Social Sciences Professor TANG Shiping C966 Click
2018-11-07 4:30 PM The Advance of Marketization in North Korea: Between Political Rigidity and Economic Flexibility Dr. Tat Yan Kong C966 Click
2018-10-29 4:00 PM System Dynamics of Enterprise Sensitivity and Power Distribution during Transformation in China Professor Maria Csanádi and
Dr. Ferenc Gyuris
C966 Click
2018-09-21 4:30 PM Neighborhood Governance in Los Angeles Professor Terry L. Cooper C966 Click
2018-09-20 4:30 PM Liberal International Order in Trouble Professor Adam Roberts T6, Meng Wah Complex
2018-09-14 2:00 PM Power: A Temporal View Daniel W. Drezner C966 Click
2018-09-12 4:30 PM Taming Labor: Workers’ Struggles, Workplace Unionism, and Collective Bargaining on a Chinese Waterfront Dr. Tim Pringle C966 Click
2018-06-19 2:00 PM America and the World: Is Trump a game-changer? Dr Leslie Vinjamuri C966 Click
2018-05-25 9:00 AM The 2nd Quantitative Political Science Research Workshop in Hong Kong C966 Click
2018-05-24 4:30 PM 中國農村“分田到戶” 改革的辯證反思 宋亞平教授 C966 Click
2018-05-07 12:00 PM The New Terrain of International Law: Courts, Politics, Rights Professor Karen J. Alter Room 723, Cheng Yu Tung Tower Click
2018-04-27 4:30 PM What Went Wrong?: the United States and China from Partners to Competitors Professor Harry Harding CPD-1.24 Click
2018-04-19 4:30 PM The Rise of the Post-Western World Dr. Oliver Stuenkel C966 Click
2018-03-23 1:00 PM Producing Shared Discoveries Professor Adam Seth Levine Social Sciences Function Room Click
2018-03-22 1:00 PM Impact Workshop (23): How research4impact builds relationships between scholars and practitioners Professor Adam Seth Levine Social Sciences Function Room Click
2018-03-13 4:30 PM The better the finance, the better the economy? Dr. ZHAO Changwen C966 Click
2018-03-12 4:30 PM Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Performance Dr. Michah Rothbart C966 Click
2018-03-02 4:30 PM Countering Capture: Elite Networks and Government Responsiveness in China's Land Market Reform Dr. JIANG Junyan C966 Click
2018-02-28 5:30 PM The Equal Opportunities Commission and the Courts in Hong Kong: A Partnership Model? Professor David H. Rosenbloom C966 Click
2018-01-19 4:30 PM China's power and assertiveness in the South China Dr. Richard Q. Turcsányi C966 Click
2017-12-15 4:00 PM 新時代“一國兩制” 在香港的實踐何去何從?(The “One Country Two Systems” Policy in the New Era) 張建博士 C966 Click
2017-12-14 4:30 PM United States in the Age of Trump: Rules and Norms, Parties and the Public Professor William Bianco C966 Click
2017-12-12 4:30 PM Legislative Rules and Policy Outcomes in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council Professor William Bianco C966 Click
2017-12-07 4:00 PM 中國共產黨的自我革命與破解歷史週期律 (The Institutional Innovation & Capacity Building of the Communist Party of China) 趙劍英教授 C966 Click
2017-11-22 4:30 PM Modern identity politics: On the primacy of ‘Individualism’ in modern politics Professor Haig Patapan C966 Click
2017-10-06 4:30 PM Who Serves the Party on the Ground? Grassroots Party Workers for China’s Non-Public Sector of the Economy Dr. ZHANG Han C966 Click
2017-09-21 4:30 PM Moderating Assertiveness? Chinese Nationalism in the Context of the One Belt One Road Narrative Professor Ivan Willis Rasmussen C966 Click
2017-06-08 2:30 PM With the Rise of China, What’s New for Comparative Politics? Professor WANG Zhengxu 王正绪 C966 Click
2017-05-05 9:30 AM Thought & Cultural Security Practices in China and Saudi Arabia C966 Click
2017-03-14 4:30 PM 中國農村土地集體所有制 (The Collective Land Ownership Regime in Rural China) 陸雷博士 C966 Click
2017-03-10 4:30 PM Populism: a Global Tsunami? Professor Klaus Segbers C966 Click
2017-03-03 4:30 PM Refugee Roulette Revisited: Judicial Preference Variation and Aggregation on the Swiss Federal Administrative Court 2007-2012 Dr. Benjamin Lauderdale C966 Click
2017-02-23 4:30 PM Real Money, Real Power: Participatory Budgeting Dr. Josh Lerner Social Sciences Chamber Click
2017-02-10 4:00 PM Uplifting Political Confidence: Overseas Cadre Training in Contemporary China Dr. ZHOU Kai C966 Click
2017-02-09 4:30 PM Power and Knowledge: The Making of Chinese Market Ideolocracy and the Party-state’s Control over Intellectuals in Reform era Dr. Lu XIA C966 Click
2017-01-12 4:30 PM Brexit: What does it mean? Dr. Adam Steinhouse CPD-2.58 Click
2016-12-13 4:30 PM 自媒體與公共政策傳播 于潞 C966 Click
2016-11-08 4:30 PM From laggard to superpower: Explaining China’s high-speed rail ‘miracle’ Professor Gerald Chan C966 Click
2016-11-07 4:30 PM Protest Politics in South Korea since the 1970s: The Role of Mothers and Wives of Political Dissidents Professor Youngtae Shin C966 Click
2016-10-20 2:30 PM Skyscrapers and Skylines: The Case of China Professor Jason M. Barr C966 Click
2016-09-29 3:00 PM 中國國家治理的“短板” 燕繼榮教授 C966 Click
2016-06-23 11:00 AM Understanding Conceptions of Legitimate Humanitarianism: Analyzing Cultures of Humanitarianism in East Asia Ass. Prof. Jacinta O’Hagan C966 Click
2016-04-21 4:30 PM Privatization with Vested Interests in China Professor ZHENG Yu C966 Click
2016-04-13 3:30 PM Are Factions Self-Enforcing Contracts: Identifying the Impact of Patrons’ Exit on the Careers of Clients?
Dr Victor Shih C966 Click
2016-04-11 1:30 PM Technology, Democracy, and Security
Seminar Schedule
Social Sciences Chamber Click
2016-04-07 4:30 PM Developments in Public Administration Theory and Methods
Download PPT
Professor James L. Perry C966 Click
2016-03-23 6:00 PM The Struggle for Hong Kong’s Heritage An Advocate’s View Mr. William Meacham C813 Click
2016-03-18 5:00 PM Is Democracy in Decline? Professor Larry Diamond Social Sciences Chamber Click
2016-03-11 4:30 PM The EU in Crisis: How Serious is It? Professor Klaus Segbers Social Sciences Chamber
2016-03-01 4:30 PM Constructing A Climate Change Logic: An Institutional Perspective on the Tragedy of the Commons Dr. Barbara Gray C966 Click
2016-02-29 4:00 PM Is there a Duty to Militarily Intervene to Stop a Genocide? Dr Uwe Steinhoff C966 Click
2016-02-18 4:00 PM Exit Left: Markets and Mobility in Republican Thought
Professor Robert S. Taylor C966 Click
2016-01-26 4:00 PM 中國因素與太陽花運動:參與NGO與支持群眾的看法
China Factor and Sunflower Movement: Perspectives from Participating NGOs and Supporting Citizens
Dr. HSU SZE-CHIEN Social Sciences Chamber Click
2016-01-26 12:00 PM Patterns and Dynamics of Political Trust in Contemporary China, 1993-2011 Dr. Jie Lu C966 Click
2016-01-25 4:30 PM 針對中國目標的恐怖襲擊 統計與其特徵 王偉光博士 C966 Click
2016-01-21 4:30 PM The Struggle for Legitimacy: China Rising in a World Not of Its Own Making Professor Yongjin Zhang C966 Click
2016-01-20 4:30 PM Taiwan after 2016: The Changing Political Landscape and the Future of Cross-strait Relations Dr. Chelsea C. Chou C966 Click
2016-01-19 4:30 PM The Watershed? Contentious Politics, Geopolitical Transformation, and Endogenous Changes in the Cross-Strait Relationship after 2016 Dr. Hans H. Tung C966 Click
2015-12-14 4:30 PM Key Concepts in Economic Sanctions Research: Lessons from the Rare Earth Elements Case Professor Eugene Gholz C966 Click
2015-12-01 4:00 PM Analyzing Myanmar’s General Election Professor Mary Callahan KB115 Click
2015-11-30 4:30 PM For A More Thoroughly Relational Confucian Politics: Reflections on Joseph Chan's Confucian Perfectionism Professor Thaddeus Metz C966 Click
2015-11-30 2:15 PM 政策投資與「互聯網+」泡沫 孫宇教授 C966 Click
2015-11-26 12:00 PM Cold Equations: China’s Evolving Arctic Strategies Dr Marc Lanteigne C966 Click
2015-11-20 4:30 PM Japan's Ocean Empire: Fisheries, the Environment and the State Professor William M. Tsutsui C966 Click
2015-11-10 4:30 PM Joint Political Rights and Obligations? Professor Seumas Miller C966 Click
2015-11-09 4:30 PM Self-Determination for National Minorities Professor Alan Patten Social Sciences Chamber
2015-10-09 4:30 PM Pillar of Governance: Taxation and Authoritarian Resilience Dr. ZHANG Changdong C966 Click
2015-10-07 4:30 PM 社區建設的新理念、 新技術與新路徑
New Idea, New Technology and New Pathways of Community Construction in Mainland China
袁方成教授 C966 Click
2015-09-25 4:30 PM Contested Inputs for Scientific Research: Why Access to Biological Materials Is Blocked Professor Eric W. Welch C966 Click
2015-09-24 3:30 PM 認同競爭與國家治理: 基於中國和域外的經驗
(Competing Political Identities and State Building: Experiences from China and Beyond)
戴長征教授 C966 Click
2015-09-23 4:30 PM No Ordinary Poll: Looking Ahead to Myanmar’s 2015 General Election Professor Ian Holliday C966 Click
2015-09-22 4:30 PM Gender Inequality, Non-sovereign Agency, and the Plurality of Political Freedom
Professor Sharon Krause C966 Click
Dr. Mun II Hyun C966 Click
2015-08-24 6:00 PM China’s Rise and Asia’s Emerging Security Order Professor AMITAV ACHARYA Social Sciences Chamber Click
2015-07-10 4:30 PM Social Media and Britain's Hashtag Election Dr. Philip Habel C966 Click
2015-05-26 4:30 PM How Government Reform Will Decide the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Professor Paul C. Light C966 Click
2015-05-19 4:30 PM Democracy Through Strength: Asia’s Development and Democratization Dr. Dan Slater C966 Click
2015-05-14 4:30 PM Rediscovering Moral Beauty Professor David B. Wong C966 Click
2015-04-28 4:30 PM How Can Policy Research Help Resolve Complex Problems? Professor Brian Head C966 Click
2015-04-26 6:00 PM MPA Programme 36th Anniversary Dinner, 26 April 2015 (Sunday) at Loke Yew Hall Loke Yew Hall Click
2015-04-23 4:30 PM Models of Participatory Democracy: The Case of Participatory Budgeting Worldwide Professor Yves Sintomer C966 Click
2015-04-16 4:30 PM Against Revisionist Just War Theory Dr. Garvan Walshe C966 Click
2015-04-14 4:30 PM ’The Japan Choice’: Why Australia and Japan Have Built A Special Strategic Partnership Dr. Thomas S. Wilkins C966 Click
2015-03-31 4:30 PM What Kind of Regional Security Order Does China Want? Professor Paul Evans C966 Click
2015-03-24 4:30 PM Transnational Governance as Democratic Experimentalism? Lessons from Global Public Health Professor Christopher Ansell C966 C1131 Click
2015-03-20 4:30 PM 中國政府管理創新的新舉措 章文光教授 C1103 Click
2015-02-26 4:30 PM Constructing Indigenous Public Administration in Asia: Embedded Intellectual Constraints and Possibilities Professor M. Shamsul Haque C966 Click
2015-02-26 2:00 PM Democracy for a New Era: Legitimate Coercion and Problem of Common versus Conflicting Interests Professor Jane Mansbridge C1103 Click
2015-02-03 4:30 PM Preparing for Mega-Disasters: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina Professor Arjen Boin C966 Click
2015-01-26 4:30 PM British Policy Leading to the Transfer of Sovereignty over Hong Kong Dr. Dalena Wright Social Sciences Chamber Click
2014-12-18 4:30 PM Cashing In, Buying Out: Asian Responses to Power Transition and the U.S.-China Security Dilemma Ja Ian Chong C966 Click
2014-12-15 4:30 PM Does War Have a Future in International Relations? Richard Ned Lebow C966 Click
2014-12-11 4:30 PM China Model: Debate and Reflection Professor CHEN Shaofeng C966 Click
2014-12-09 4:30 PM Global Economic Imbalance and the Role of China Professor CHEN Shaofeng C966 Click
2014-10-30 4:30 PM Three Hypotheses about the Chinese State Stein Ringen C966 Click
2014-10-13 4:30 PM The Morality of Autonomous Weapons Professor Seumas Miller C966 Click
2014-10-10 4:00 PM 改革開放背後的政府領導力 郭曉來教授 C966 Click
2014-10-08 5:00 PM U.S. Asia Relations: The View from Washington Professor Michael E. Brown Social Sciences Chamber Click
2014-05-05 4:30 PM Implementation of Authentic Participatory Budgeting: Empirical Evidence from American Municipal Governments Professor Yahong Zhang C966 Click
2014-04-24 4:30 PM Does China Make Rules for the World? Professor Gerald Chan C966 Click
2014-04-22 4:30 PM Perceived Social Mobility and Political Trust in China Dr. Zhenhua Su C966 Click
2014-04-15 4:30 PM The Reach of the State: Work Units, Social Ties and Resistance Control in China Professor Yanhua Deng C966 Click
2014-04-10 4:30 PM Vertical Support and Horizontal Networks in China Professor Jae Ho CHUNG C966 Click
2014-04-08 4:30 PM Management of Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector Professor Jacob Torfing C966 Click
2014-04-03 3:30 PM Participation in Legal Drafting and Compliance with Business Regulation: Evidence from Vietnam Professor Edmund Malesky C966 Click
2014-03-25 4:30 PM The Status of Leadership Theory and Research Professor Montgomery Van Wart C966 Click
2014-03-07 4:30 PM 中國城鎮化進程中的民生改善 唐任伍教授 C966 Click
2014-02-21 5:30 PM Civil society theory and research Professor Grzegorz Ekiert C966 Click
2014-02-19 5:30 PM Social movement theory and research Professor Grzegorz Ekiert C966 Click
2014-02-17 5:30 PM Civil society, social movements and contentious politics in Poland in comparative perspective Professor Grzegorz Ekiert Social Sciences Chamber Click
2014-02-11 4:30 PM Understanding the Great Transition in Central and Eastern Europe - Twenty Five Years after 1989 Professor Grzegorz Ekiert Social Sciences Chamber Click
2014-01-28 4:30 PM Japan's Grand Strategy in an Era of Change Dr Thomas Wilkins C813 Click
2014-01-23 4:30 PM From Gentry Class Predominance to Civil Participation: The Transformation of the Governance Structure and Functions of the Temples in Taiwan's Rural Areas Professor Chao Yung-mau C813 Click
2014-01-09 4:30 PM Ideology and American Foreign Policy Professor John Owen Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-12-03 11:00 AM The Governance Report 2013: The Challenges of Innovative Governance Professor Helmut K Anheier C966 Click
2013-11-14 3:30 PM The Novelty of Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Emperor's New Clothes? Jürgen Braunstein C966 Click
2013-11-08 4:00 PM Liberty’s Constraints on What Should Be Made Criminal Professor Michael S. Moore Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-11-08 10:00 AM Targeted Killing, Autonomous Drones and Collective Moral Responsibility Professor Seumas Miller C966 Click
2013-11-07 2:30 PM Torture and Ethics Academic Conference Room None
2013-11-05 4:30 PM Policy Rents, Promotion, and China's Economic Policymaking: An Integrated Theoretical Framework Dr. Hans H. Tung C966 Click
2013-11-01 4:00 PM Taking up Space on Earth: Theorizing Territorial Rights, the Justification of States and Immigration from a Global Standpoint Professor Mathias Risse Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-10-31 4:30 PM Leadership Preferences in Ethno-Territorial Conflicts, with Applications to Tibet and Xinjiang Professor Shale Horowitz C966 Click
2013-10-28 4:30 PM The Chinese Dream and American Happiness: Does the Constitutionalism Matter? Professor Patrick Mendis C966 Click
2013-09-13 4:30 PM Another Marx: New Perspectives After the New Historical-Critical Edition of his Writings Dr. Marcello Musto C966 Click
2013-07-06 2:30 PM 《走過十年‧公民社會》研討會 香港歷史博物館地下演講廳 Click
2013-07-02 6:00 PM Threat Perception During Power Transition: The 'History Problem', Aggressive Intentions, and China's Threat Perception of Japan Dr. Yongwook RYU C966 Click
2013-06-21 5:00 PM Responding to Disagreement Professor Thomas M. Scanlon, Jr. Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-06-17 5:00 PM The Problem of Disagreement Professor Thomas M. Scanlon, Jr. Academic Conference Room Click
2013-05-13 4:30 PM The US Rebalance to Asia and its Implications for the Region Ambassador Stephen M. Young Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-05-06 4:30 PM The Pacifism in Plato Dr. Amy L. Shuster C966 Click
2013-04-26 4:30 PM IT-Based Financial and Performance Management Reforms in South Korea Professor Heungsuk CHOI C966 Click
2013-04-25 4:30 PM Polycentric, Monopolistic or Oligopolistic? Exploring Network Structure and Motivations of Partnerships in a Community-Based Senior Service Delivery System Dr. Bin CHEN C966 Click
2013-04-18 6:30 PM Public Dispute Resolution in Hong Kong: A Practitioner’s Note Mr. JAT Sew-Tong, SC, JP Large Moot Court Click
2013-04-09 4:30 PM Each to Their Own: Can the Capability Approach be Legitimate and Justified? Dr. Jeremy Moss C966 Click
2013-03-21 4:30 PM Reforming Public Pensions in an Aging World: Lessons from Western Democracies Professor R. Kent Weaver C966 Click
2013-03-08 6:00 PM Government, NGOs and the New Public Management Professor Steven Smith Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-03-01 4:30 PM Political Culture: Globalisation and Civilisation Differences Professor Jan-Erik Lane C966 Click
2013-02-28 6:30 PM Islamic Politial Thought Today: Western Influence and Revivalism Professor Antony Black Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-02-26 6:30 PM The Historical Evolution of Islamic Political Thought: Law, Knowledge and Power Professor Antony Black Social Sciences Chamber Click
2013-01-17 4:30 PM Government-nonprofit Relation in Mainland China: A Preliminary Examination Professor Yijia JING C966 Click
2012-12-12 4:30 PM The Adjustment of China's Regional Development Strategy and Its Impact on Intergovernmental Relations Professor Long YANG C966 Click
2012-12-06 4:30 PM Giving Rise to Cost Dr. Gerhard Øverland C966 Click
2012-12-05 4:00 PM 中國內地商品房預售制廢存之爭及前景 王宏新博士 C966 Click
2012-11-06 4:30 PM Self-Defense, Justifying Emergency, and War Dr. Uwe Steinhoff C966 Click
2012-10-22 9:30 AM Thai Democracy: Retreating or Moving Forward? Dr. Suchit Bunbongkarn C966 Click
2012-10-19 4:00 PM Minnowbrook III and the Future of Public Administration Professor Rosemary O’Leary CJT8.13 Click
2012-10-19 1:45 PM Decision 2012: Decoding the Obama and Rommey Platforms Dr. Justin S. Vaughn
Dr. Sara Jordan
Wang Gungwu Theatre
2012-10-18 12:00 PM Change, Continuity, and Controversy in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election Dr. Justin S. Vaughn Social Sciences Chamber Click
2012-10-11 4:30 PM Exploring a Path: Public Choice Theory and the Future of Hong Kong Professor Hank Savitch Social Sciences Chamber Click
2012-10-04 4:30 PM U.S. - Asia Relations: The Next Four Years Professor Michael E. Brown Social Sciences Chamber Click
2012-09-24 6:30 PM David Schlesinger on China Mr. David Schlesinger Social Sciences Chamber Click
2012-09-18 4:30 PM Recent Developments in North Korea: Succession and the Prospects for Reform Professor Stephan Haggard C966 Click
2012-05-24 4:30 PM Non-Domination through Citizenship Dr. Barbara Buckinx MW631 Click
2012-04-26 4:30 PM Poverty in the Midst of Affluence Mr. Leo Goodstadt MW631 Click
2012-04-19 4:30 PM Growing Chinese Military Activity in the South China Sea and Regional Responses Mr. Richard A. Bitzinger MW631 Click
2012-04-12 4:30 PM Debating the China-India 'Great Game' Allegory: The Case of Myanmar Dr. Renaud Egreteau MW631 Click
2012-03-29 4:30 PM China's Global Rise: What Next? Prof. Lowell Dittmer MW631 Click
2012-03-15 4:30 PM Collaborative Multi-Sector Service Delivery: Toward a Theory of Informal Accountability Prof. Barbara Romzek MW631 Click
2012-03-02 6:30 PM Slaves and Suppliants, Prisoners and Parishioners: The Disciplinary Kant Prof. Robert S. Taylor T1 Click
2012-02-24 6:30 PM From Personal Freedom to Republican Government: The Structure and Justification of Kant's Social-Contract Theory Prof. Robert S. Taylor T1 Click
2012-02-17 6:30 PM Universal Republicanism, Pacific Federation Prof. Robert S. Taylor T1 Click
2012-02-10 6:30 PM Freedom, Equality, and Independence Prof. Robert S. Taylor T1 Click
2012-02-03 6:30 PM Morality, Politics, and the Progress of Absolutism Prof. Robert S. Taylor MW631 Click
2011-12-05 2:30 PM What's next: G20, the Eurozone Crisis and Global Economy Mr. Creon Butler MW631 Click
2011-11-17 4:30 PM The Unique Role of Science and Technology in China's Development: Implications for Hong Kong Dr YU Wing-yin MW631 Click
2011-11-10 4:30 PM From Socialist Ideology to Cultural Heritage: The Changing Basis of Legitimacy in the PRC Prof. Richard P. Madsen MW631 Click
2011-10-20 4:30 PM 當下中國的國家與社會: 温州動車事故分析 董國禮教授 MW631 None
2011-10-17 4:30 PM Cross-Strait Relations under Ma Ying-jeou: Review and Prospect Prof. Richard C. Bush MW631 Click
2011-10-06 4:30 PM High-Quality Winner Win More: A Model for Bulletin Forum and Some Insights Dr. Frederick Kin Hing Phoa MW631 Click
2011-09-29 4:30 PM Threats and Opportunities in the South China Sea Dr. Carla Freeman MW631 Click
2011-07-29 4:30 PM Housing Market, Bank Reforms and Local Government Finance in China Prof. Shujie YAO MW631 Click
2011-05-27 4:15 PM Promoting Regime Support in China: An Emprical Analysis Prof. TANG Wenfang MW631 Click
2011-05-04 5:00 PM Diagnosing Social-Ecological Systems Prof. Elinor Ostrom T6 Click
2011-04-28 2:00 PM The Spirit of Cities: Why the Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age Prof. Daniel A. Bell MW631 Click
2011-04-18 4:30 PM Money Politics: International Credit/Debt as Credible Commitment Prof. Steve Chan MW631 Click
2011-03-10 4:00 PM A General Scientific Theory of the Representation of Public Preferences in National Politics in the United States Prof. Kim Quaile Hill S631 Click
2011-02-09 4:15 PM Conflict and Cooperation Among Local Governments in China Prof. YANG Long S631 Click
2011-01-17 4:00 PM The Weakness of Post-Communist Civil Society Reexamined Prof. Grzegorz Ekiert S631 Click
2010-11-25 6:00 PM Why do States Pursue Nuclear Weapons? Professor Etel Solingen T6 Click
2010-11-19 4:30 PM Innovation or Involution: An Analysis on China's Political Reforms Prof. HU Wei S631 Click
2010-11-08 10:00 AM Moral Obligations of States, Collective Duties and Climate Change Dr. Anne Schewenkenbecher S631 None
2010-11-06 6:30 PM MIPA 10th Anniversary Dinner 2000-2010 FC None
2010-10-09 9:00 AM Roundtable Discussion on the State of the Social Service Sector MW631 None
2010-09-16 4:30 PM Securitising Aid and Civil Society: Before and After the War on Terror Prof. Jude A. Howell S631 Click
2010-06-11 2:30 PM The Rise of China: US and Canadian Perspectives Prof. Robert G Sutter & Prof. Paul Evans S631 Click
2010-05-14 4:30 PM Just Bridges, No Boundaries: The Nature of the Study of Public Administration Prof. Jos C.N. Raadschelders S631 Click
2010-05-10 9:00 AM Statecraft in the South: Understanding Policy Success in Developing Countries Dr Willy McCourt S631 Click
2010-02-02 4:00 PM China's Governance and Control over News Media and the Internet 周虎城先生 MW631 None
2009-11-23 4:00 PM Why are East Asian States not Balancing Against a Rising China? Prof. Steve CHAN S631 Click
2009-11-19 4:30 PM Art of Democracy: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Scholars to Engage Communities Dr. Shawn Erik Schooley S631 Click
2009-10-24 10:00 AM Information Day Click
2009-09-25 10:30 AM 602 and One Dead : Global Poverty and The Implication Dilemma of the Principle of Contribution Dr. Gerhard Overland S631 Click
2009-09-24 4:30 PM Transcending New Public Management - Perspectives, Trends and Challenges Prof. Tom Christensen S631 Click
2009-09-05 11:00 AM US-China Relations under the Obama Administration Prof. G. John Ikenberry P3, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building Click
2009-03-26 4:30 PM Policy Regimes and Governance: Constructing Homeland Security Prof. Peter May S631 Click
2009-03-17 10:30 AM Sharing the Products of a Collectively Owned World in a Non-atomic Game Prof. Alex Coram S631 Click
2009-03-09 4:40 PM Challenging the Performance Movement Prof. Beryl A. Radin S631 Click
2009-02-21 6:30 PM HKU MPA Programme 30th Anniversary Dinner Loke Yew Hall Click
2009-01-08 4:30 PM Recognition, Equality, Difference: Assessing Northern Ireland's Peace Process as a Model for Ethon-National Conflict Resolution Prof. Shane O'Neill S631 Click
2008-12-17 4:30 PM Back to the Future? Performance-Related Pay, Empirical Research, and the Perils of Persistence Prof. James Perry S631 Click
2008-11-24 4:30 PM Political Consultants -- A Comparative Study Prof. Matt Qvortrup S631 Click
2008-11-21 12:30 PM The United States and Asia: Challenges for the Obama Administration Dr. Brad Glosserman and Dr. Richard Hu S631 Click
2008-09-25 4:30 PM What kind of sector, what king of society? Policy reflection on civil society futures Prof. Helmut Anheier S631 Click
2008-07-30 4:00 PM Inter-Organizational Network and Performance Ms. Helen K. LIU S631 Click
2008-07-15 4:30 PM Can We Manage Complex and "Wicked" Problems? Prof. Brian Head S631 Click
2008-06-11 4:30 PM Good and Bad Government Prof. Bert A. Rockman S631 Click
2008-04-23 4:30 PM Good Government: A Centripetal Theory of Democratic Governance Prof. John Gerring S631 Click
2008-03-19 4:30 PM Local Public Economies and Metropolitan Governance Prof. Roger B. Parks S631 Click
2008-03-05 4:30 PM Governance and Metagovernance: Ideas about Steering State and Society Prof. B. Guy Peters S631 Click
2008-02-02 12:00 PM Introduction to Plagiarism and Citation Dr Sara JORDAN T6,1/F,Meng Wah Complex Click
2008-01-30 6:30 PM Introduction to Plagiarism and Citation Dr Sara JORDAN T6,1/F,Meng Wah Complex Click
2008-01-11 4:00 PM Three Global Taxes to End World Poverty Dr. Paula Casal S631 Click
2007-12-07 4:30 PM Civil Service Leadership in Western Europe: Torn Between Managerial and Policy Oriented Roles Prof. F. M. van der Meer S631 Click
2007-11-28 4:30 PM The Politics of Mistrust Professor Leo F. Goodstadt S631 Click
2007-10-30 4:30 PM 當代中國政治發展與轉型-比較的視野 郭定平教授 MW631 Click
2007-10-09 4:30 PM Political crisis in Burma/Myanmar, What is to be done? Professor Ian Holliday S631 Click
2007-09-22 9:00 AM "Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong: The Green Paper and Beyond",organised by Faculty of Law, co-sponsored by PPA Details here P4 Click
2007-09-21 7:00 PM I am not sure about my future career Details here Rm 101, Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre,HKU Click
2007-09-12 4:30 PM Competing Approaches to Candidate Nomination in Chinese Village Election : Impacts, Causal Mechanisms and Selection Bias Professor Gaochao HE S631 Click
2007-08-09 4:30 PM China's Approaches to Global Governance Prof. Gerald Chan S631 Click
2007-07-19 2:30 PM How President Georage W. Bush's Theory of a Unitary Executive Branch Undermines the Rule of Law Professor David Rosenbloom S631 Click
2007-05-10 4:30 PM War and Historical China: Tianxia daluan or Confucian-Kantian Peace? Dr. Victoria Tin-bor Hui S631 Click
2007-04-10 4:30 PM Corporatism and Interest Politics in China Dr. Peter N.S. Lee S631 Click
2007-03-09 4:30 PM Public Administration in the U.S.: Ideology,False Consciousness, and Cognitive Dissonance Professor Gary Wamsley S631 Click
2007-02-12 4:30 PM East Asia's Arrested Multilateralism Prof. Amitav Acharya S401 Click
2006-11-30 4:30 PM ASEAN and Multilateral Security Mechanisms in the Asia Pacific Dr. LEE Lai To S631 Click
2006-11-23 4:30 PM Post-NPM Reforms in the Public Sector-Perspectives and Experiences Professor Tom Christensen S631 Click
2006-11-17 4:30 PM The Scope of the Offence: Delineating the Concept of "Crimes Against Humanity" Professor Norman Geras S401 Click
2006-11-02 4:30 PM Issues in the History of Political Science: A British Perspective Professor Michael Kenny S631 Click
2006-10-11 4:30 PM Implementing Shifts in National and Regional Strategies: A Comparison of Four Approaches Professor Ian Marsh S631 Click
2006-09-21 4:30 PM From Political Apathy to Political Activism? Changes in Political Attitudes and Participation in Post-Colonial Hong Kong Prof. Raymond Sin-kwok Wong S631 Click
2006-09-14 4:30 PM Recent Ideological Developments in British Politics Professor Andrew Gamble S631 Click
2006-06-27 4:30 PM European Integration and Varieties of Capitalism: The Brussels Consensus Professor Richard Balme S631 Click
2006-06-23 4:30 PM Regulation and Competitiveness of Nation Dr. Jin Wook CHOI S631 Click
2006-06-08 4:30 PM Organizational Attention Deficit Disorder: The Sorting of Organizational Priorities Professor Bert A. Rockman S631 Click
2006-05-18 4:30 PM Political Learning and Voting in Hong Kong's Elections in 2004 Professor KUAN Hsin-chi S631 Click
2006-04-28 3:30 PM Role of NGOs in Governance, Empowerment, and Development in Bangladesh: An Alternative Viewpoint Professor M. Shamsul Haque S631 Click
2006-04-01 12:30 PM Convergence and Diversity in Social Security Professor Martin Rein Senior Staff Common Room Click
2006-03-31 4:30 PM Legitimacy and Electoral Participation in Rural Anhui Dr. Bryan C.S. Ho S631 Click
2006-03-20 4:30 PM Emerging Modes of Governance in Anglo-Saxon Countries: the Results of Two Decades of Public Sector Reform Professor John Halligan S631 Click
2006-02-14 4:15 PM Freedom, Security and Justice in the European Union after 9/11 Professor Bart De Schutter S631 Click
2005-11-22 2:00 PM Human Security in a Globalized World How do the most pressing issues, such as infectious diseases, climate change, proverty,a dn conflict , affect human security today? Lloyd Axworthy Senate Room, 10/F, Knowles Building Click
2005-11-16 4:30 PM Democracy and Meritocracy : Toward A Confucian Perspective Dr. Joseph C. W. Chan S631 Click
2005-11-02 4:30 PM Factional Politics in China The Shanghai Gang and the Communist Youth Leaque Group Dr. Bo Zhiyue S631 Click
2005-09-21 4:00 PM Corruption and Organised Crime in Post-Communism (with particular reference to Russia and North-East Asia Prof. Leslie HOLMES S631 Click
2005-05-31 4:00 PM Integration and Autonomy in Organisational Governance: Comparative Study of KCRC and MTRC Dr. Rikkie L.K. Au S631 Click
2005-05-27 12:30 PM Luncheon Seminar by Dr. David Malone David Malone Senior Staff Common Room None
2005-05-24 4:00 PM Disciplined Governance: Environmental Politics in Illiberal Singapore Ms. Maria Francesch S631 Click
2005-05-18 10:30 AM Accounting for Performance in the Hong Kong Public Sector Dr. Janice L. Caulfield S631 Click
2005-04-20 10:30 AM A Quantitative Study of the Roles of Functional Representatives in Social Policy Deliberations and voting in Hong Kong 1998-2004 Ms. Rowena YF Kwok S631 Click
2005-03-07 4:30 PM An International Perspective on Public Management and Democratic Governance Prof. Geert Bouckaert S631 Click
2005-03-01 4:30 PM Globalizing Local Governance Prof. Lan Zhiyong S631 Click
2005-02-28 2:00 PM Government-Business Collusion Dr. Yeung Sum Rm LG102,KK Click
2004-11-04 4:30 PM Intra-Party Democracy: A Revisionist Perspective from Below Prof. He Baogang S631 Click
2004-10-28 4:00 PM ASEAN and regional institutions in the Asia-Pacific: ambition versus performance Prof. James Cotton S631 Click
2004-10-12 4:00 PM Will a John F. Kerry Presidency Make Any Difference to US Foreign Policy? Dr. Lucy Cummings S631 Click
2004-10-07 4:00 PM Public Policy and the Changqing Political System in Hong Kong Prof. Ian Scott S631 Click
2004-06-08 4:30 PM Rolling Back the State? A Tale of Privatization in the USA and Germany Prof. Bert A. Rockman S631 Click
2004-06-04 2:00 PM Better than Power : International Status in Chinese Foreign Policy Dr. Yong Deng S631 Click
2004-04-22 4:30 PM China as a Developmental State Prof. Jude Howell S631 Click
2004-04-15 10:30 AM E-Government and Corruption: A Cross-Country Survey Dr. Jin-Wook Choi S631 Click
2004-03-11 10:30 AM The Politics of Transborder Crime in Greater China: A Comparative Study of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Dr. Sunny S H Lo S631 Click
2004-02-26 10:30 AM The SARS Outbreak and Cross-boundary Cooperation in South China Dr. Peter TY Cheung S631 Click
2004-02-25 4:30 PM New Modes of Governance Prof. B. Guy Peters S631 Click
2003-05-03 9:00 AM Hong Kong Political Science Association Annual General Meeting 2003 Council Chamber None
2003-04-24 4:30 PM Sovereignty Disputes over Enclaves: A Comparative Study of Ceuta, Falklands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong and Macau Dr. Sonny Lo S631 Click
2003-03-26 4:00 PM Reconfiguring Organisations, Roles and Tasks in Modern Governance Dr. Ian Thynne S631 Click
2003-02-27 4:00 PM Attention Allocation in the Public Policy Process Prof. Bryan Jones S631 Click
2003-02-26 4:00 PM Teaching Politics/ Philosophy and Academic Neutrality : Do They Go Hand in Hand ? Prof. Avner De-Shalit S631 Click
2003-02-19 4:00 PM Policy Stages and Windows : the Policy Process in Hong Kong Prof. John Burns S631 None
2003-02-17 2:00 PM The Bush Administration's East Asia Policy with special reference to the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan? Dr. Richard C. Bush S631 None
2002-11-27 4:00 PM Intergovernmental relations in south China Dr Peter Cheung S631 None
2002-11-05 2:00 PM Organizing around marginalized interests in china: reflections on civil society Dr. Jude Howell S631 None

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